Moving forward - Part 1

Moving forward – Part 1

We have all experienced something that we never want to live again. At the precise moment when someone tells us "I do not love you as before", "I do not feel the same," I love someone else ", we feel that everything crumbles around us and pain crushes our heart.

Then, we absolutely lose interest in our friends, family, work, and everything around us. And the worst thing is that we have the feeling thatwe will never get up, but the reality is different.

However, by not feeling that pain and sorrowyou will find that you must take advantage of this situation to learn to know yourself better, to learn to be alone and to grow as a person.

From that moment, you will understand that you are recovering from this rupture, and ofgo forwardin the hope that life will bring you good surprises.

To recover after a break

It does not matter if you meet other people after your breakup, or everyone tells you what you have to do; as long as you have not overcome this ordeal, the process will be very long and painful. In this case, the expression "One lost, ten found "is not justified.

This recovery process after the breakup will be difficult because our first reaction will be to try to recover our half, because you think you're guilty of doing something wrong. But remember, only time can heal your wounds.

After this first step comesacceptance. We say, "All right, he / she does not love me anymore, what am I doing now, he will surely meet someone else". It's partly a good thing to reason this way, but be careful.

Many people are very hopeful in this period and seek to maintain a certain friendship with their ex. Except that when you see him / her with another, the sentimental fall can be colossal.

Acceptance can be long and painful. That's when you need totake time for yourself, to renew friendships and to rebuild yourself personally.

Once the acceptance is over, you will have already overcome the most difficult events. Sometimes you will think back to that person, butin a melancholy way, reminding you of all the good times you have spent together.

But if you still think that you will never get up again, tell yourself that when you were single, you were a normal person, breathing, eating, and laughing with no one at your side.

Do not forget that you are your best companion!

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