Mindfulness and sex: what is their connection?

Mindfulness and sex: what is their connection?

Meditation and conscious breathing exercises can improve the quality of sex.The result of the union between mindfulness and sex translates into a more intense pleasureas well as longer lasting erections and orgasms.

Mindfulness is the practice of mindfulness and concentration on the present moment. A type of conscious meditation that helps increase emotional and psychological well-being. Therefore,if we apply this ancient technique to the field of sex, the benefits we will obtain will also be remarkable.Do you want to know how to extract the full potential of this tandem?

The problem: the wandering spirit

If, on occasion, you have had sex with your partner while being scattered, distracted or focused on other things, maybe these lines will help you.We are often unable to get rid of worries, even if we are in an intimate moment with our spouse. Thoughts seem to be heading alone towards different fronts, problems and concerns.

For example, a discussion we had with our co-worker, an unresolved question, the bad grades of our children, the weekend meal with our in-laws … Anything can come to our mind even at the moment the most unexpected and untimely.That's why we stop making love, just to disconnect for a moment.

Stress destroys pleasure.

How to live sex more consciously

The masters of this so-called "sexual mindfulness" believe that sexuality tends to be more and more trivialized. According to them,the intimate act becomes a simple masturbation with the body of the other.Something frivolous and superficial. But with the practice of mindfulness, this puerility disappears.

This deconcentration disappears during the sexual encounter thanks to the mindfulness.It allows us to focus only on the present moment, this magical moment with our partner. So that we will be able to fully enjoy and experience more pleasant sensations.

Focusing on the present moment allows us to relive the intensity of the first caresses. We are energy. And the best sex is the one that happens between two people who are connected.

How to combine mindfulness and sex

In order to clarify some doubts that may have arisen, we propose a number of ways toincorporate the mindfulness and sex tandem into your life. So many actions and behaviors that we can implement with our spouse to enjoy and experience the benefits it offers.

Kiss consciously

The next time you see your partner,try to focus only on the kiss you give him. Close your eyes. Note the thickness of his lips, texture, temperature, sound … Try to convey to him that you are one, that the moment is by and for you. Make this kiss the manifestation of desire, love and passion that you have for each other.

Breathe deeply

During stimulation and the different phases of the sexual response, breathing plays a crucial role. Not only because it helps maintain the rhythm that sexual coitality requires, but also becauseit reflects the degree of excitement of both.

Changes in the physiology of the other allow us to obtain privileged information. Therefore, if we observe the evolution of our respiratory rate throughout the meeting, we can be more intimate with our partner. We will know what excites him the most or when he reaches the climax.

Enjoy our 5 senses

We do not care to enjoy the little moments with our spouses and even more so when the orgasm comes. This is why we tend to delay ejaculation or worry about erection.

Mindfulness and sex come together so we can enjoy each caress on our skin. We can try to carefully observe each detail of the other: the small mole on his back, the softness of his hands, the sweet smell of his hair, all the sounds he emits … This is the present moment in its purest essence.

Keeping the senses at their maximum level is not easy. But if we succeed, in addition to being in perfect sync with the conscious present, we can take advantage of the power it gives to our emotions and sensations.

Longer orgasms

Little by little, mindfulness will increase the speed of our excitement and prolong the duration of orgasm. Some experts talk about 15 minutes! One possible explanation is greater stimulation of the insula, a cerebral structure closely related to love and sexual desire.

Sex is a sensitive issue and something complicated to deal with.His subjectivity and consideration as a taboo subject prevent him from talking about it naturally. Butthe sexual aspect of a relationship should not be forgotten, regardless of the importance given to each member of the latter.

The quality of our sex allows us to test the state of our relationship. A couple who does not feel comfortable in intimacy usually hangs over a deeper problem. Therefore, sex can be an indicator of an underlying condition.

Mindfulness and sex are the perfect tandem for a satisfying relationship.Enjoy every moment with our partner is essential to build stepping stones in our project of common life.

Sexual intelligence

In the following article, we will explain how to develop the skills needed to enjoy a fulfilling sex life. Learn more
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