Men and women machists: a problem to be solved together

Men and women machists: a problem to be solved together

The macho men and women give shape to a retrograde and unfair society, in addition to perpetuating it.These attitudes, which are often flagrant or camouflaged behind classic micro-machisms, are based on authoritarianism as rusty as harmful. Chasing this schema of institutions and mentalities is, without a doubt, part of our responsibilities.

Victor Hugo said that the first equality is equity.This idea is already more than two centuries old. Mary Wollstonecraft, Virginia Woolf, Simone de Beauvoir and Emilia Pardo Bazán also gave us their testimonials to "wake us up" and allow us to move forward. In terms of equality and freedom.However, it seems that, despite the small victories we have achieved, we have just crossed the starting line.

The United States, for example, is run by a man (freely elected) with a very clear and sharp opinion of the female sex:"women are, by their very nature, aesthetically pleasing objects".We live in a society where any opportunity is good to sexualize and put the woman in a position of inferiority.And we live in a world where laws still dribble with a macho, authoritarian and patriarchal essence that lasts generation after generation. Legislature after legislature.

Our system has great deficiencies and obvious biases,we know it. Renovating this psychological, social and political substratum can not happen from one day to the next. To achieve this, mentalities must change. But this can only be done in one way: with the determination and collaboration of all. Or, at least, with those of a large majority.

"The first who compared the woman to a rose was a poet, the second a fool."


Men and women macho, a problem that concerns us all

The macho men and women move every day in our daily lives.They are part of our families, our work, our friends. We may even be one of them. One of those people who practice and perpetuate machismo without even realizing it.

Our actions, comments or ways of responding may contain, in their "DNA", clearly micro-machismo demonstrations. These are the consequences of our education. They also reflect the influence of a culture that models us silently, persistently, and studied. Moreover, we can be people who openly denounce inequality and violence against women; despite this,we can all fall into the net of machismo when we least expect it.

Therefore, we must take into account one aspect.Macho men and women are not born with these attitudes.It is neither an innate thing, nor the result of a cerebral connection which, at a given moment, impels us to be and act in this way. No. In the same way that we learn to read, ride a bike, or remember irregular verbs in English, we also learn to be macho. We limit ourselves to following a model and internalizing it.

The machismo that is not seen but absorbed

Men and women macho are the result of this pattern of male supremacy that they have breathed, absorbed and integrated into themthroughout their childhood and adolescence. For example, we know that gender stereotypes are built very early. The journal Science has shown that little girls start to feel "less brilliant" at 6 than boys.

Feeling less intelligent is due to the context in which we raise our children. This is the result of what they see on a daily basis. From what we transmit to them.Boys, on the other hand, are often educated on the basis of the affirmation of individuality.We are faced with this enveloping feature of machismo that emphasizes the meaning of strength and superiority. It's a carapace that must be maintained at all costs. The only legitimate and permissible emotions in the club of masculinity are authority and sexual libido.

Get rid of the corset of machismo

Getting rid of the corset of dominant and dominant masculinity is not easy.However, with movements like #metooVisibility is given to things that only stayed in the shadow of time passing. On the one hand, these viral phenomena obey a need. They provide social support for the woman, push her to denounce acts, to have the strength to speak, to gain power, to know that she is not alone.

On the other side, an interesting thing is done. Awaken people.Injustices are denounced to highlight a reality that has always existed. Discrimination, violence against women, sexualization or the lack of sensitivity of our legal codes are facts that are slowly being revealed.The macho people, men or women, are there. This is not a shadow of a doubt. However, voices that emphasize their attitudes and behaviors are being heard more and more.

If we free ourselves from this macho corset, we will all win. We will breathe better and we will have greater freedom. So, even though many people think that there is enough equality in our daily lives, just look around with greater empathy to see that this is not the case.The macho attitudes are everywhere.In the words that a man says to his companion. In the way a mother educates her son. In advertisements. And in this song we dance on but we do not know the lyrics …

To conclude,let us remember that change will only be possible if we all become aware of this outdated patriarchal substratum.It is not enough to feel it or see it. Consciousness is useless if it is not accompanied by actions. If we are not able to create a society based on fairness, respect, freedom and real justice.

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