Meditation, the path to personal well-being

Meditation, the path to personal well-being

Many cultures and religions have developed various meditation techniques.

Nowadays, meditation is an exercise whose practice helps to maintain a healthy body and mind. Achieving balance and ending up with oneself to escape the whirlwind of work, activities and family.

This practice relaxes the body, improves concentration and reduces stress.

The pioneers in this area were the Indians and the Chinese. They used this practice to understand the meaning of their existence.

Over the years meditation has diversified to accommodate other desired purposes and thereafter each meditation technique found its place, and each person was able to choose the type of meditation that suited him personally.
Some methods are based on mindfulness while others rely on concentration.

Buddhist meditation

It tries to keep the mind entirely focused on the present: here and now. Buddha found in meditation his own reason for being and his place in the world based on the contemplation and control of oneself.
This method helps us to distinguish what we are from what our mind actually thinks, which influences our reactions.

Zen meditation

It means "in a state of concentration". The ultimate goal is to maintain a certain rhythm of breathing until we can clear our mind of any disruptive element.

Transcendental Meditation

It was made famous in the 60s and 70s, today it is one of the best known spiritual techniques in the West. It is recommended to practice it twice a day in small sessions.
By focusing on the areas of tranquility of each person, this technique can find in itself a better creativity, a fluidity between the body and the mind and a power of reasoning. On the medical side, it helps prevent hypertension and cardiovascular problems.

The Mantras and Mandalas

These are not meditation techniques but symbols used in meditation. They represent "repetitive labyrinths" of various shapes and sizes that symbolize a sacred area of ​​spirituality.

Mantras, on the other hand, are sound symbols, and we call them words or phrases that, by repeating and keeping them in mind, connect us and connect us to spiritual powers.

For a good energy understanding, it is recommended to learn and apply both types of symbols to each method of meditation.

There are also other meditation techniques, such as vipassana, Taoist meditation, Raja Yoga, etc. that are recognized by doctors for therapeutic benefits.

Indeed, they reduce the risk of getting sick by improving our habits, and our muscles are so relaxed and oxygenated.

This is a good way to reverse the states of anxiety and depression. In people who are fond of meditation, they increase their memory and sensory process by 10% compared to people who do not practice any form of meditation.

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