Mature women: I love me more today than ten years ago

Mature women: I love me more today than ten years ago

In reading an article about the fashion and the place recently given to mature women in the campaigns of big companies, I realized that, like them, I loved myself more than I did 10 years ago. Reflecting on the passing of time has allowed me to see beauty from another point of view, and even to find myself more attractive now than at my 20s.

What happens to women after their 40s? As Care Santos says in his book Desire for chocolatethey experience a process of concentration of their qualities. it makes them more intense, smarter, quieter and more attractive only twenty years back. Not only at the mental level, but also at the physical level.

In fact, over time, we have learned to better choose what strengthens us physically. Moreover, we learn to reach the best complement: confidence in ourselves. Thus, we begin to pay less attention to the wrinkles that are emerging, and to pay attention to our more positive aspects.

"Aging is like climbing a big mountain: while climbing, the forces diminish, but the look is freer, wider and serene."

-Ingmar Bergman-

Ripe mannequins reflect on the passing of time

Today, different clothing companies such as Desigual, Mango or Zara have a fashion editorial dominated by models between 40 and 53 years old. This bet grants visibility to women who, until recently, seemed to be forgotten by fashion and society.

In the editorial Timeless from Zara, the models explain what it means for them the time that passes. They also confide how they feel in this age group where it is difficult to achieve success in the world of fashion, as it is a sector increasingly focused on 20 year olds.

However, as I said earlier, as well as these models, I love me more today than ten years ago. Obviously, we would all prefer not to grow old. But if we approach this step in the right way, Mind note will improve with the years. A paradox then arises: as we get older, we also have more and more confidence in ourselves. As Malgosia Bela, a 40-year-old model and actress from Poland, says, it can make you love yourself more with age.

On the other hand, the Somali girl Yarmin Warsame, a 41-year-old Arab model, also talks about this phenomenon. She says that her prejudices about age changed when she discovered other cultureswhat it expresses with the following words: "When traveling, only when traveling, you change, you change, that's why I always suggest people to travel, to experiment with human beings in different environments and contexts, in different atmospheres and in different situations. "

These testimonials invite us to reflect on the influence of the passing of time women older than women in the world of fashion.

"It is certain that love preserves beauty and that women's faces feed on caresses, just as bees feed on honey."


With age, we gain confidence, that's why I love myself more today

The confidence we gain over the years is a quality that leads us to love each other more. As we age, we begin to value beauty from other points of view. We learn to value a look, gestures and posture that transmit security. And together, these features are capable of creating beauty.

We women can be attractive at any age. That's why the first step is to accept the passage of time and get rid of this intrinsic fear of aging.

With their white hair and their wrinkles, models who participate in this type of initiative are the visible faces of a social change. They give visibility to a group of women who have not been properly represented by the industry so far. That's why this is the time when we women can feel attractive without being forced to abuse botox or treatments to rejuvenate, but simply for our authenticity and our ability to be ourselves.

Me, I love me more today than ten years ago, and you?

"The ideals that illuminated my path and gave me the courage to face life are kindness, beauty and truth."

Albert Einstein

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