Maternal instinct, an innate feeling?

Maternal instinct, an innate feeling?

The woman is prepared by nature to reproduce, but not all of them feel the need. Being physiologically prepared to be a mother and wanting to take on that responsibility are two different things.

Indeed, deciding to have a child is a personal choice and not a decision to make to feel like a woman.
Being a mother is one of the most important events in a woman's life

Beyond what many people think, maternal instinct is not an innate feeling. It is the instinct that arises in women, to protect, care for, nurture and sacrifice for their child, after the period of conception. During pregnancy and after birth, the brain triggers hormonal mechanisms that awaken the maternal instinct.

Unlike other mammals, women have the option of giving up or choosing motherhood.

Being a mother, a vital necessity?

Psychoanalysis believes that the desire to have a child does not meet a vital need in women, but it is a necessity of each, according to their mentality and their way of seeing life.

Therefore,Many women choose to enjoy their femininity and renounce motherhood because they associate it with sacrifice and responsibility.

Women who choose not to be mothers do so for a variety of reasons. Either because they do not like the idea very much, or because their emotional situation is not the most appropriate or because they think it can negatively affect their relationship.

Some think that giving up motherhood is a selfish act, but there are women for whom personal fulfillment does not go through being mothers, since it slows down their professional career or changes their daily lives.

These are women who do not feel attracted to babies or children and who do not feel able to care for or educate them.

But, despite the psychoanalytic theories, there are women who seem to feel motherhood as a biological impulse and an insistent call. They feel an immense love for babies and children, as well as the pleasure of family life.

Intimate contact between mother and child creates a special bond. Whether it's called instinct or not, it's proven that when a baby is born, there is a sense of protection and care for most women.

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