Masturbation can become a problem

Masturbation can become a problem

Sexuality is an extended world filled with practices, self-knowledge and wealth.

Masturbation is an activity that is part of this world and that gives multiple benefits to people who practice it.

Many myths have been built around her; however, reality is far from these false claims.

Masturbation is NOT a selfish, immoral act or practiced only by single people.

Anyone already in sexual maturity can masturbate. Whether or not you are in a relationship and regardless of the sexual condition, masturbation is a healthy practice.

However, masturbation causes a phenomenon similar to that caused by alcohol: one or two glasses of wine a day can be beneficial, but if a person consumes one bottle a day, it will probably end up with belly, problems in his daily life, and may even become an alcoholic.

"Virtue is a voluntarily acquired disposition, which consists of a middle term between two extreme evils, one by excess and the other by default."


I can not stop

In most people, masturbation is something healthy and quite advisable.

Generally, it is practiced at normal frequency, it does not affect daily life, and it is a pleasant activity that allows us to discharge all the tension accumulated.

However, not everyone experiences masturbation this way.

In some cases, masturbation may come to take control of some people's lives, becoming an obsession.

They spend the day waiting for the moment when they will be alone. They change their habits so they can have a moment of intimacy, and that creates problems for them.

"I can masturbate a minimum of seven times a day, but if I use sex toys then it can be much more, sometimes up to twelve times, and sometimes every half hour. Because of my addiction, some of them were very good, but I was forced to leave my position when my co-workers began to suspect something. "

-Documentary: "No puedo parar de masturbarme" (in French: "I can not help but masturbate")

Sometimes difficulties arise because of the frequency; the amount of daily stimulation increases, so that the body feels it and masturbation causes pain.

In other cases, the problems arise because of the change of habits and the alteration of daily life.

For example, the person may stop engaging in the activities that they have been doing until then, or be absent too often at work because of their need to masturbate.

When life goes beyond us

Masturbation is a way of relieving yourself of accumulated tension and having fun.

Some people use it as a method of confrontation to reduce anxiety and stress in their lives.

This way allows them to have fun and access a disconnection that they often fail to get in their daily lives.

"The pain was unbearable, and then I had the best painkiller I knew: masturbation, I became isolated, I went into a period of compulsive masturbation, I masturbated between 10 and 15 times a day. "Masturbation and fantasy were the only way for me to tolerate this painful reality and failure."

– Adicción a la masturbación (historia of Joshua) (in French: "Addiction to masturbation (story of Joshua), Ramiro Calderón –

The episodes of compulsive masturbation are usually accentuated during difficult timesfor example in times of personal crisis, couple problems, childbirth and work overload.

This difficulty only aggravates all these problems that we had, by making us enter a labyrinth from which it is difficult to leave.

Break the silence

Today, addressing this subject continues to be taboo in some environments.

We usually try to manage the problems of compulsive masturbation silently, and the people who suffer from it can feel ashamed and alone because they can not share their experience with other people.

Often, in order to free oneself from ill-being, we resort to "home" means, we ask for advice from friends, or we opt for practices that do not bear fruit, or even that may come to be harmful .

Trying to fix an addiction to masturbation and realizing that nothing works, can cause more anxiety and make the problem worse.

Masturbation is a healthy and recommendable habit, but in some people and in the face of a difficult life, it can happen that it becomes a problem that can not be solved without outside help.

If you are daily obsessed with the idea of ​​masturbating, if the frequency of your bouts of masturbation causes you physical problems or if your life is affected and deteriorated, then consider that it is time for you to break Silence and turn to a qualified professional who can help you.

"The obsession does not seek problems or correct them: it makes them out of nothing, it feeds them, and it makes them stronger"

-Harlan Coben – A falso paso

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