Malaxophobia: symptoms, causes and treatment

Malaxophobia: symptoms, causes and treatment

The field of sexuality is not free of phobias.Seduction games such as kissing, hugging and rubbing can generate a lot of anxiety and discomfort in those who suffer from malaxophobia.

This phobia, also known as sarmasophobia,is a major obstacle to strengthening intimacy in relationships and even to the building of bonds of love. We will see below what this unusual phobia is and what are the treatments that exist to eliminate or reduce the anxiety it causes.

"Love has a powerful sister, hatred, try not to offend the first because the other can kill you."
-F. Heumer-

What is malaxophobia?

Malaxophobia is characterized by an irrational and persistent fear of games of seduction and love. People with malaxophobia experience great anxiety in situations that, in principle, should not result in them. Malaxophobia also causes a great deal of frustration for those who suffer because of the ambiguity it creates. Indeed, the people who suffer from it feel the need and the desire to be with the other but also an important fear for all that the context of seduction implies.

It could be considered asa phobia rare at the moment. However, the professionals managed to study it in detail. She is well documented. Optimal recovery can therefore be achieved if it is processed correctly. It is interesting, however, to study this condition and find out what are the most common symptoms, the causes that cause it, and the treatment needed for a full recovery.


The person with malaxophobia does not show fear in their usual environment. However, when she is immersed in seduction activities (like meeting someone attractive), shemay experience anxiety and suffering. Only in this context will the following symptoms be shown.

Physical symptoms

The first symptoms that appear are physical. The irrational fear of seduction and the games of love do not follow here a model in this sense, but aincreased activity of the central nervous system is usual.

Thus, we can highlight among the most common symptoms, an increase in breathing and heart rate, hyperventilation, shortness of breath, palpitations, muscle tension, dilation of pupils, pain, excessive sweating , dizziness and even vomiting.

Psychological symptoms

The psychological symptomatology is translated by the appearance of beliefs ivery strong. Thoughts are characterized by an almost delusional fear of the games of love, the inability to act coherently in the situations that involve it, the fear of ridicule and the lack of confidence and self-esteem. .

This negative thought encourages the individual to develop his aversion to seduction. In addition,These beliefs as well as physical symptoms further increase irrational fear and insecurity.

Behavioral symptoms

This important anxiety will cause the person to avoid this type of situation and even to avoid all those that involve contact with a sexually attractive person.

The main behavioral symptom is therefore avoidance. The individual will do everything possible not to be involved in a game of love or seduction. If, for whatever reason, he had to participate in something similar, he leave the situation as soon as possible.


As usually happens with phobias, it is impossible to establish a single cause of malaxophobia. It was discovered, after various investigations, that the development of this disorder tends to result from the combination of different factors.

  • Direct conditioning.Bad experiences with seduction are one of the most important causes.The individual unconsciously conditions his emotions to avoid these situations.
  • Stale packaging.Information on the situation is obtained here by visualizing traumatic and negative experiences in relation to games of seduction, experienced by relatives.
  • Verbal conditioning. Verbal acquisition of information can also be one of the causes of malaxophobia.The education received during childhood can play an important role if the focus was overly on the negative consequences of the games of love.
  • Various factors.At the genetic level, family history is referred to as a risk factor, although there are no clear data. At the cognitive level, attention has been focused on unrealistic beliefs and cognitive biases about the threats of activity as a source of the onset of this irrational fear.


A treatment has been developed to eliminate or at least reduce the intensity of the anxiety felt by the presence of this phobia.The help of a psychotherapist specializing in cognitive-behavioral treatment is needed here. The most used techniques are:

  • Systematic desensitization or exposure, always in a controlled manner, to eliminate or gradually reduce the anxiety felt and teach the person to relax.
  • Cognitive restructuringto treat dysfunctional thoughts.
"All we know about love is that love is all there is."
-Emily Dickinson-
We can see that malaxophobia is a rare phobia that can cause significant discomfort. However, it is encouraging to know that there is treatment and that those who are afraid of seduction can overcome their problem.

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