Love yourself before finding love

Love yourself before finding love

If one of the goals of your life is to please and have a stable relationship with someone, in addition to working to maintain the seriousness of that relationship, you will also have to work every day to love yourself.

Believing that you are a hard-to-resist person is the best way to achieve a lasting, healthy, and thrilling relationship.

To love oneself begins with knowing oneself well, for his daily happiness and to enjoy fully.

On the other hand, to love oneself implies having clearly established beliefs, to feel able to live, to uphold one's values, and to be aware of the importance of defending one's integrity.

It also requires feeling proud of who you are, to admit and respect your own faults, and to be authentic.

If you do not already like yourself, how can your other half be attractive?

To clear things up, one must first answer this question: how do you like?

How to love the person that we are?

Before continuing, let me clear one thing: to love oneself is a matter of self-esteem, and has nothing to do with narcissism.

To love yourself and to show the best of yourself to your other half, follow these tips:

# 1 – Watch as you step back

Do you see. Look at yourself in the mirror, what you see is what others see too.

Do you like what you see ? What could you do to improve your appearance? It is not about being more beautiful or more beautiful, nor having a more beautiful face or a beautiful skin.

This is the image you send back, which must be in keeping with your personality.

A person who does not take care of her, will not take good care of others and will not value their efforts when they pay attention to them.

Providing a positive image will help you to maintain confidence in yourself to be authentic and to create the respect you feel for yourself.

To respect oneself is the first step so that the others respect you also and to value this respect that the others grant you.

# 2 – Watch out for your manners

Your way of speaking and behaving with others speaks volumes about your personality.

Your way of saying hello, to hold a discussion with others, to address them, to react to different situations, as well as your way of laughing, are all elements that represent your presentation card.

Remember that the attraction and sensuality of many people reside in their way of being, much more than in their physics. This concerns not only their way of being in intimacy, but also in everyday life, on a daily basis.

# 3 – Overcoming appearances

You have to be authentic, overcome the game of appearances and make your presence and way of interacting truly part of your personality. You are what you show about yourself, so stay in harmony.

If you want to meet love in an environment that is not really yours, you will first have to go back to what you really are, then to have a real and sincere relationship with that person.

# 4 – Do not leave your friends out

Your friends are an integral part of your life, and if you have to give up on them to focus on your life as a couple, it means you are not respecting yourself enough.

If you love yourself, you must know that your life is not just about your relationship. In addition, your friends will allow you to obtain other types of complementary experiences.while staying in a relationship. Finally, a person who has friends is someone you can trust.

# 5 – Develop your own projects

A person who develops his projects and who fights to get there is a very appreciated person, who has ideas, interests, who redoubles efforts and who gets involved.

This is a person with whom you can make plans, with whom you want to move forward, grow and improve: a person who brings a "plus" to life and those around him.

Finally, participating in group projects will make you a sociable, collaborative person, with the desire to live and have fun.

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