Love that does not fit you

Love that does not fit you

Love that does not fit is something normal, which happens to everyone. This means that we cling to someone who is not destined for us or who does not feel the same as us.

But it's important to realize that it's not to see the love that does not correspond to you as the result of something that would not work at home or that would have something to do with your personal worth.

In your entourage, we have probably already seen people hooked to someone who does not suit them at all, they seem to experience an epidemic of pathological love, and the worst is that they do not realize they have a problem and they choose people who are not within their reach.

Often behind the phase "they never correspond to me, what a lack of luck", hides the afraid of commitment, which makes us feel unconsciously attracted to people who are not at our door, because they are already in a relationship, or married, or that the age difference is important and so on.

Thus, by being attracted to someone who is not compatible with ourselves, we do not take the risk of engaging. Many people, without realizing it, cling to a platonic love in which the person agrees to have only the friendship of the person she loves.

In these cases, nothing will ever happen and we live in illusion, without realizing that we should cut off contact and continue to meet other people, instead of falling into that love gear.

Love is pure chemistry

Have you ever thought that we fall in love with some people and not others? You have probably already known people beautiful and very attractive but, without knowing why, you do not feel attracted by them, and conversely, you have known people who were not especially beautiful but of which you fell in love .

Love is hard to rationalize, it does not depend on beauty, workstation, cultural or economic work, it depends more on the chemistry and emotions that move within ourselves when you are with someone.

So, love that does not suit you should not damage your self-esteem. Chemistry has no explanation, it generates a reaction with some people and not with others.

4 tips to not suffer more than necessary in love

1. Take the bull by the horns: When you feel something important for someone else, do not move away. If you have a friendship with someone you've been in love with for years, it's bad to go on and the more time you spend, the more it will hurt you.

You will avoid suffering if you have the courage to confront the situation and to tell the person what you are feeling.

You will relieve yourself of a great weight and if the person does not match you, you will not be dependent on it, which will allow you to be interested in other people who fit you better.

2. Love is not made to suffer: If you have a relationship with someone who brings you more pain than joy, it's time to ask if it's worth living like this.

A healthy love does not hurt, a healthy love gets as much as it gives, couples form to increase happiness, not to sabotage it.

3. Go back down to earth:Stop dreaming platonic loves, be realistic and if someone does not fit you, eliminate it from your memories.

Learn to focus on real and achievable things and try to meet new people who have a profile that might interest you.

4. Do not stay in uncertainty: Many spouses require time because they need space to be clear with themselves. Do not let uncertainty come over you because a personwho needs so much time, doubt of his feelings.

This is not always the case, but no matter what the reason for moving away from someone, it is important to respect the other person and give them a clear answer without too much delay.

Do not let anyone play with your life and your time, make you respect. Forget the need you have to be in a relationship to be happy, the best opportunities arise when a person feels good about themselves even when they are single.

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