Love has its limits

Love has its limits

Love is something wonderful.We all have a favorite film where the two protagonists swear eternal love, and fight against all odds to stay with the love of their lives, and live together forever.

But in reality, in everyday life, romantic relationships are not always as romantic as in movies.

The big mistake

Love relationships are magical, but if jealousy begins to point the tip of your nose, or if you realize that your partner is imposing new limits (how to dress, who to go to, etc.), there are strong chances for you to be caught in the whirlwind of a toxic relationship.

These toxic relationships are more common than we think, because even in TV shows, movies, and magazines, we are told that when one person really likes another, this one "tolerates everything, accepts everything, says yes to everything ", and that if it acts in the opposite way, it means that it is not true love.

To think that "life loses all its meaning" if this special person is no longer with us is dangerous. A relationship that is seen from this perspective can lead us to forget our self-esteem, because we let others impose limits on our own lives.

Making heavy jokes that annoy each other, be emotionally cold, or manipulate each other with catchphrases such as "it's best for you" are typical behaviors.

If you recognize yourself in this description, stay calm. The most important is that now you are aware of it, and you can back off.

How to get out of a toxic relationship?

– First, become aware of the state of your relationship. It is important that you realize thatin reality, your partner does not leave you free, and instead of helping you to move forward, he "directs" youas if you were incapable.

– Second, learn to appreciate yourself. Recognize that you are a person full of virtues and priceless characteristics, simply because you are you.
You have your own dreams, and the person at your side must support you and act as a companion, not as an obstacle to overcome.

– Third,be independent. You do not need anyone. Everything is in you, you can draw everything you need and everything you expect from life inside yourself.Your dreams depend only on you, just like your life, and your desires. Repeat these tips as many times as necessary, and preferably in front of a mirror.

And if the situation does not change?

If your spouse does not want to understand that you are a person in their own right, and that they do not have to limit you or force you to think differently;if he can not help but make you feel bad by constantly lowering yourself, run away!

The most important thing is to move away completely from your partner, and cut off all contact so that you have time to heal the wounds left by this relationship.

You may be dealing with a syndrome similar to abstinence, but take time to reflect on your new situation to see if you are still anxious or uncertain, even if there is no one left to devalue you. .

Think carefully and detach yourself little by little. Furthermore,never forget everything your ex partner did to make you feel bad.

If the good times are less than the bad ones, know that you have made the right choice.

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