Live without makeup

Live without makeup

Get up and be yourself
Stop hiding
Stop worrying about what people see when they look at you, and what they say
Stop listening to what people are saying, and try to listen to their whispers
Stop hoping someone tells you that everything is fine
Life is Beautiful
Life is a gift
It's your life !

Decide now to live in broad daylight
To live means to have the courage to be exactly who you are without excuses.
To live means to admit your mistakes without punishing you.
Living means showing your true face without makeup.
People must know who you are. They will be moved by the person standing in front of them, just as much as you should be.
You must trust in yourself and in life.
You must live according to your own principles and govern your daily life according to your own standards, and meditate on yourself.
And finally the most important: do you love enough to tell everyone the absolute truth about yourself.
Until today, you may have lived your life in a whisper. Starting today, dare to turn up the volume and live out loud.
Get up, and be yourself!

Iyanla Vanzant

I am totally convinced that if we show ourselves as we are, we will have a much better chance of finding happiness.

Sometimes being "authentic" does not bring us only good things, but if we have to pay the price to be the person we are destined to be since birth, then let's pay that price.

Leaving aside profiles, masks and mussels, the more time, the more we realize that they bring very little value to our lives.

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