Live the moment, it's now!

Live the moment, it's now!

What has passed has fled, what you hope for is absent but the present is yours.
(Arab proverb)

"A man approaches an elder and says to him:

– I have been told that you are wise … Please tell me what are the things a wise man can do that is not within everyone's reach.

The elder answers him:

– When I eat, I eat; when I sleep, I sleep; and when I speak with you, I speak with you.

– But finally, that too I can do it and I'm not wise, said the man surprised.

"I do not think so," replies the old man. Because when you sleep, you remember the problems you had during the day or you imagine the problems you might have when you wake up.
When you eat, you plan what you will do later. And while you're talking to me, you're thinking about your next question, where are you going to answer me, before I finish speaking.

The secret is to be aware of what we are doing in the present moment and thus to fully enjoy each moment of the miracle of life. "

Anthony de Mello

Live in the moment

We often need to calm our minds and stop the agitation (or incessant internal dialogue) we are used to, in order to achieve serenity.

We all knew this monologue in our head, characterized by a continuous wave of thought that makes us think too much about our past and our future, preventing us from seeing what is happening in the present moment.

Thoughts and thoughts that confront each other in every way to form a block that, most of the time, only accentuates our problems rather than solving them.

One of the consequences of the predominance of this "block of thoughts" is that it constantly distances us from the present moment and prevents us from living the reality of each moment; because we feel unable to enjoy these moments, and what life offers us.

What is done is done and we can not change it. And while it's a good thing to reasonably predict your future, it can not be controlled either.

In reality, the moment is the only thing that matters. You have to make the most of it and make the most of it.

Let's enjoy the good times and learn to appreciate them.Let's look for magic in each moment, the little treasure buried in every moment, and learn to live thoroughly.

Photo courtesy of Francois Tornier

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