Live the life you want, not the one imposed on you!

Live the life you want, not the one imposed on you!

Have you ever done what you "should" do instead of doing what you "want" to do? Have you ever had a long relationship that did not satisfy you but others could have envied you? Do you occupy the post that your neighbor would have loved to occupy, but which for you represents a sacrifice, even an obstacle between you and what you really want to do?

In life, we sometimes meet people who always have a smile and who like their work, even if they earn a lot less than you, or if their work is much more difficult than yours.

But how do these people do to enjoy life and manage all situations, even the worst, without complaining? Ironically. And yet …

What is the secret of happiness?

In reality, there is no secret, because to be happy, nothing better than to be free. And being free is doing what you really like to do, not what you need to do ; it is having the "courage" not to work in a field that does not interest you, even if your parents or your best friend tell you that you could not hope for a "better" job.

Being free also means having the courage to end a relationship that does not get you anywhere, even if it means that you will have to deal with celibacy for a while and learn to be alone until you fall on the person you need.

It is one of your essential rights: to be free to be yourself, without regard to the eyes of others; to do with pleasure what you really like.

To change life

But how do you change your life when it seems that things have to stay frozen to work? To get there, you must first determine what you really want to do. You must try to please yourself rather than doing everything to please others.

You must find your own way rather than imitating your cousin who is like a sister to you; you must give yourself the means to succeed in your life rather than help others succeed in theirs. You must make sense of your life.

To "break" your belief patternsimagine that you are under no pressure, that no one is against your desires, and that you have no money problems. In these ideal conditions, what would you do? What would you spend your life on?

Of course, we are all under pressure because we have to manage different types of responsibilities. We are not isolated, and we can not always do only what we like.

But, imagining yourself in this hypothetical scenario, you will discover what are your true desires, your dreams buried under this mass of duties to respect and opinions as well as external pressures.

Perhaps you will not be able to realize all your dreams today, but the more time you spend, the more you will succeed in having a clear idea of ​​your life plan, of your inner call.

Difficult, but not impossible

If you feel you have to do your homework and leave the company you worked for for five years, the Earth will not stop spinning.

It is always possible to change jobs to reorient yourself to something you really like, to a job that you can work with pleasure.

How many people can truly say that they work by passion and not by obligation?

It will not happen either if you start practicing an activity you have always dreamed of giving yourselfsuch as the sport you want to learn from a very young age, or an artistic activity that you never dared to try because you did not think you could.

If you trust your instincts and connect to your true essence, then you will know what you really want to do, and you will dare to start. Thus, you will enjoy life, as you deserve.

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