Lissa Rankin and the theory of self-healing

Lissa Rankin and the theory of self-healing

This is not a recent subject.Since time immemorial, we speak of self-healing or the human body's ability to heal itself.Dr. Lissa Rankin has published a book entitledBeyond medicine, our mind. Scientific evidence of your ability to self-heal,in which she speaks of this theme.

She evokes the eternal enigma of placebo medicines.It is clear that for science, a person's suggestion acts as a mechanism for self-healing. But the way this mechanism works has not been studied much.

"Diseases are an attempt at self-healing, a biological response to survival in the face of an emotionally uncontrollable event."

-Christian Arrow-

How does the body manage to cure itself? Here is the central question that we find in the research conducted by Lissa Rankin.Her book talks about six essential steps for the body to heal on its own and voluntarily.It also indicates the main measures to build a "preventive" spirit in terms of physical health.

Iconic antecedents

In 1957, a case related to the famous placebo effect became paradigmatic. Dr. Philip West was treating a patient named Wright. He had a lymphosarcoma, which is a type of cancer affecting the lymphatic system.The disease was very advanced and metastases were already present in various areas of his body.The man was terminally ill.

However,Wright had heard of an experimental drug called Krebiozen. He always insisted on his doctor to try it while he was not fit to do this experiment. But his insistence was so great that the doctor agreed, knowing that he had only a few days left to live.

West applied the Krebiozen to him on a Friday. On Monday, the patient was in good shape and no longer complained of pain or discomfort.After examining him, the doctor saw that his tumors had decreased by 50%.But the most striking is that some time later, a study said the drug was unusable. The patient fell ill again. The doctor decided to lie to him. He told him that a new version of this drug, much more effective, had just come out. He applied distilled water and the patient's condition improved again.

Despite these results, the American Medical Association did not want to give credit to these facts.She revealed the doctor's lie and, on learning it, the patient fell ill again. He died shortly after.Many similar cases exist. Lissa Rankin took them back for her research.

Lissa Rankin and self-healing

Lissa Rankin began to list all the cases where the placebo effect had worked.The latter affected several serious diseases: cancer, hypothyroidism, diabetes, ulcers and even HIV.

She also found several examples of experiences where patients were told that they were being given chemotherapy. In reality, they were only given a placebo. Even in this case, people were losing their hair and vomiting continuously after receiving this substance.All this led Lissa Rankin to assert, without a doubt, that the mind was able to heal the body.

She emphasized the fact that if all the conditions are in place for the patient to think he will get better, he will be better.The body receives this order, these instructions from the brain and therefore acts accordingly. If he thinks he's sick, he'll get sick.

The means to heal ourselves

Lissa Rankin refers to several paths that help the body to be more effective in this process of self-healing.However, it focuses mainly on two elements that it considers essential.

The first element is preventive medicine.This includes all healthy practices incorporated into people's daily lives. Beyond their actual effect on the body, these lifestyles push people to feel healthy. In these conditions, they are not very receptive to the disease.

The second aspect is related to stress.According to Rankin, stress, in all its forms, has excessively harmful effects on the mind and body.It activates negatively what it calls the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis. This is how an organization responds to a threat. However, he can not know if it is a problem of torque or an earthquake. He feels it the same way.

Although Lissa Rankin's studies have not been formally recognized,the majority of doctors agree that the placebo effect actually works.To increase the number of studies and research on this subject would be a very good thing.

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