Let flow, the art of not going against the grain

Let flow, the art of not going against the grain

Every experience we experience influences how we act. To feel and think.They transform us all, in their own way, whether by wolf or giant step. It all depends on the importance we give them. The problem arises when the circumstances we are experiencing strike us so hard that they are capable of shaking our world. Or put it upside down. Suddenly, we do not know how to act and we would like things to happen in another way. Expectations can hurt us a lot.

We are sometimes obsessed with one thing: that everything goes perfectly, that is to say as we had thought.We cling to a scenario of ideal future in which all the pieces of the puzzle fit perfectly,hoping that these same things happen in reality. The fact is that when the latter points the tip of its nose with all its imperfections, we realize that many pieces do not fit together. That others are missing and that some were previously unimaginable. We feel frustrated, lost and uncomfortable.

But who assured us that everything would be perfect?No one. Our mind is responsible for it. It was only a guess, a story he told us to leave us aloneand free us from this feeling of insecurity. It is true that perfection is not always the best way. To stop things from happening as we wish may be one of the biggest obstacles in our lives. So, what to do?

Let it flow. Yes, you read correctly.Letting us surprise and accept what life brings us can be a wonderful optionif we live it with responsibility and commitment. But what exactly is this attitude? We will explain it to you. You are ready ?

"The wise man tries to do nothing, he lets things take their course".

-Carl Jung-

To let flow means to receive what life brings us with love

Swimming against the current implies the risk of drowning usif we are not specialists. It's like we're trapped in an infinite storm. On the one hand, we are trying too hard. We lose all our energy and finish exhausted. On the other hand, we continue to hope that circumstances change and that we can succeed. On the other hand, if we practice the art of letting flow, everything will be much simpler.

To let flow means to let the spool of thread unravel. It means accepting instead of fighting. Take advantage of the current to direct us to where we want to go.To do this, we must be surprised at every moment, instead of planning everything.

To let flow is an art, a wonderful challenge that will make us more free.

It is about receiving, with love and acceptance, what life brings us, knowing how to learn from each experienceand, above all, being aware that it is impossible to control everything. In this way, when we let ourselves be surprised, we can start enjoying every moment. We will also free ourselves from the frustration generated by the clash between what we had imagined and what is actually happening.

If we try to control what will happen, we will lose energy and time because the majority of the variables are out of our control.If we cultivate the attitude of patience and wait to see what can happen, it will be much simplerto live without anxiety and without worries. We will stop focusing on the future to focus on the present.

How to let flow?

To let flow is the art of being carried away,to fully receive surprises and free oneself from the fears that prevent us from growing up. It consists of living the present in all its splendor. There are many ways to practice this wonderful art. Here are some ideas.

  • Practice acceptance.This is the first step for our philosophy of life to integrate this notion of "let flow".Accept what is happening around usinstead of fighting against these facts is the basis of everything. We desperately want circumstances to unfold as we want and people to act as we had imagined, but this is just an illusion created by our mind. This can happen, just as it may not happen. So we must expect nothing but accept and, from there, we will decide what to do.
  • Connect to the present.Living in the present moment allows us to sink because it frees us from the weight of the past and the expectations of the future.
  • Learn something.If you learn from each experience, even if some are not pleasant, you will be more successful in letting go.We can learn from everything and everyone, do not forget it.
  • Be open to surprisesEvery moment is unique. Instead of rejecting what we do not know, why not take risks? Of course, for that, you have to be responsible and committed.
  • Meditate.Meditation is a powerful exercise to begin to make contact with oneself, to deepen what we have in us and to awaken. Thanks to her, we will further develop our sensitivity and, of course, we will connect to the present.

Once we have started to sink, we will have less and less trouble not going against the tide.There are things we can not fight against and we are wasting a lot of time, energy, and rage trying to force things. By being patient and letting the path show us a direction, we will be able to live more fully.

Let flow: the benefits

Do not go against the tide is a good option to live fully.In addition, this practice provides us with important benefits, such as the following:

  • Harmony.Let flow open the doors of tranquility and calm. It also allows us to savor the harmony of everything around us. To be open to what is happening, being aware that everything does not depend on us.
  • Creativity.By not going to swim against the current, we live the moments of authentic way. In this way, we can have more freedom when generating new ideas to take new paths or make better decisions.
  • Relaxation.To let ourselves be surprised by what is happening helps us to free ourselves from guilt and expectations. That is to say, these tensions that force us to remain in a state of continuous alarm.
  • Detachment.When we let flow, we detach ourselves from people, situations or things. We put aside this habit of clinging and opt for happiness. We free ourselves from what hurts us and begin to appreciate the true value of what surrounds us.
  • Happiness.To let flow, in a certain way, brings us closer to the feeling that we desire to know so much and which is in us: happiness. By being in peace, without ties and connected to the present, we will be able to reach it more easily.

Letting go means letting go of a weight, allowing things to happen, learning from all situations and enjoying every experience, every moment.Everything happens at a specific moment in our lives.

To sink is an art. You are the painter of this great work of life.You decide how you want to lead it. Learn to receive every moment with open arms and you will be able to achieve it.

"It is not a question of having all the certainties but of learning to live with uncertainties, wanting to control everything makes us sick, and letting us heal."


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