Leave an emotional trace in the hearts of others

Leave an emotional trace in the hearts of others

– What is love ? asked the disciple.
"The complete absence of fear," replied the master.
– And what are we afraid of? asks again of disciple.
"Love," retorted the master.

Anthony de Mello

In love, fear and selfishness can destroy a relationship. To love is not to ask too many questions to others, not to stifle them, not to impose anything on them.

Perhaps the hardest (or easiest) thing to do is to allow the other person to walk a long way and let him live his own feelings, realize his dreams, and preserve his illusions. Perhaps it is also necessary to consider not only the content, but also what is around, to understand that each of us has the ability to get out of his galleys, and incredibly beautiful emotions can also arise from pain and despair.

When we suffer, we are afraid and we are weak. But behind weakness lies a tenderness that makes us indestructible. Thus, one is able to love intensely while suffering.

We are born with the ability to give and receive love, but to love is to give without expecting anything in return, so that by loving without fear, we can recreate the world around us, as well as the one we enclose in ourselves.

If we make our weaknesses opportunities, then we can benefit not only from the outside world, but also from our inner world, and leave emotional traces in the hearts of all.

Respect yourself, do you like to, look in the mirror, and make good use of the piles of emotions that can change your life and make it more beautiful.

Protect yourself and please yourselffree your heart from fear; only then will you be able to love without fear, that at that moment you will not be afraid to love.

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