Learn to say thank you

Learn to say thank you

It was, it is and it will be a pleasure

to have met you

It is a pleasure to meet you through these words because, undoubtedly, it is a small food of more than this person that I am, as well as all the things that I lived.

Indeed, I feel that even in the worst moments of my life, I have to be grateful.

This duty is not an obligation due to external factors, but a duty to myself: my emotional well being goes through the filter of constant thanks for what I got and what I was, for what I have and who I am.

Thank you for helping us get on our way

Gratitude, if understood as an ability to recognize a benefit received, is an inner state that spreads to the outside.

"It is not more necessary than thank you"


From the day of our birth to the day of our death, we are the product of a constant flow of experiences, provoking emotions of very different natures. That is why,the most necessary duty is that of saying thank you.

What made me happy comforts me and promotes my new illusions as well as my new dreams. What saddened and hurt me taught me things.

I say thank you for the memories that fill me,

but I also say thank you to those who were trying to escape

because thanks to them I am who I am and I know it

Our relationships with others are based, among other things, on this feeling. Indeed, when a person does something for us and when she reaches out to us, it brings us closer to her.

Everyone knows that the greatest complicities arise from sadness, and where there is a fracture there will be a scar, a real story of ours.

Thank you increases our emotional well-being

To thank is to have a positive attitude of lifeis to see the glass half full rather than half empty, it's getting up on the right foot, it's breathing deeply.

Some studies have shown that thanking improves our health and helps us to stabilize our emotional well-being.

A chemical called serotonin, which is in our body, is responsible for maintaining the balance of our emotions.

In order to avoid depression, for example, serotonin stays at stable levels, and one of its best tools for doing this is thanks.

Make a diet based on happiness: a smile every morning,

a thank you every night

Ideally, this article will lead you to this diet at the end of the day and at the beginning of the next.

It does not require any effort or sacrifice, but provides all the nutrients needed to be better.

The emotional relationships we have with those around us will be strengthened by this energy produced by mutual thanks. During the different phases of life, this benefits our loved ones, but also to ourselves.

The simplest things are the most important, those for which recognition is all the more necessary.

The bad moments of our life lead to big changes, learning errors, bad relationships, new relationships … but the days that follow give us opportunities. One after the other, without objection.

And, even if for Walt Whitman, life was a desert and an oasis, one must enjoy it and be grateful to be alive.

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