Learn to recognize his faults

Learn to recognize his faults

Most people are able to judge very easily the behaviors, attitudes and flaws of those around them. So, when someone does something that we do not like or that we think is wrong, we notice it immediately.

This implies, most of the time, that we make a rather categorical judgment, at a glance. But then… Do we judge a little too fast? Why is it so easy to see the flaws of others? Can we see ours as simply and quickly?

The hard part is to notice our own mistakes

Of course, if we could recognize all the faults in the same way as we do for others, it would be much easier to control certain attitudes and to move in the right direction.

However, getting to know oneself is not easy, but it is necessary to feel good about ourselves and not to make mistakes.

Obviously, when we are in action, it is difficult to leave our body to take a step back and observe ourselves objectively. There are other means, a priori simpler, to analyze our behavior.

We are all human beings and so we are all at the same level. We are not perfect, we have the right to go wrong and make mistakes.

That's why the mistakes we see in others are often the same as we do. What better way, then, to get to know each other by observing the people around us?

Observe the behavior returns us our own image

Let's take a concrete example: we meet on the street or at work a person we know and who greets us coldly. The most normal reaction is to judge this attitude negatively, without seeking to question oneself.

If this attitude has bothered me and I am similar to this person, it means that if I do so, another person will be unable to take it. So why not always greet warmly, as a model? The same applies to selfishness, narcissism or pride.

We should learn lessons every time we face an attitude that displeases us, not to reproduce it. If we do that, we can become better people. Afterwards, people will show respect for us, allowing for greater social acceptance.

We can therefore conclude that the best mirror to know each other and to learn about oneself is others.

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