Learn to neutralize anger

Learn to neutralize anger

Expressing anger is a way to free oneself. Some people do their best to suppress their feelings, if they can not free themselves of their energy.

Anger, when not used for destructive purposes, can be very helpful because it helps us to free ourselves from accumulated energy. But if we do not evacuate it, it can affect us physically in the long run.

To neutralize your anger is not to channel it, because the more you try to channel your anger, the more you expose yourself to the risk of losing control, since anger emanates from fear, and fear can give things another turn than the one we expected. It is therefore anger that dominates you, and not the opposite.

The different levels of anger

There are different levels of anger that can be good to know how to identify:


The cycle of anger is activated; you feel angry and upset.

The reflection

At this point, you analyze the reasons that make you angry, but you see nothing but a slight annoyance.


The tension is intensifying; the tone of the voice changes, as well as the facial expressions. The body languagehe is more aggressive. Small tantrums may occur, but the expression of your anger is mostly internal.


It is at this level that we know if what will follow will be reduced to a simple annoyance or if on the contrary will burst a real crisis of anger.

The instigation

At this level, you begin to really express your anger, which leads you to behaviors that further accentuate the discord.


At that level, you have completely lost control. You are confused and worried; you are afraid, which can lead you to fall even lower and not reach the ultimate level of anger.


You want to annihilate the source of anger, and in a very aggressive way. You are not necessarily violent, but your hate is so great that you can easily lose control. Passion crimes or homicides are part of the violence that is perpetrated at this level.

Three ways to neutralize anger

Learning to neutralize anger helps to compensate for the tensions generated by it.

Have no reaction

The ideal is not to react, to distance yourself from the triggers of your anger. Do not invest yourself, rather become an impartial observer, which will allow you to maintain control; and you control the situation.

To see the anger of others

The second way to neutralize anger is to recognize in others some of your behaviors. You see in them frustrations that you have also experienced before.

Understanding the negative reactions of others can help you respond with more compassion and neutralize your tendency to get angry easily.

Focus on positive emotions

The third and final way to neutralize anger is to focus on emotions positive, either on emotions contrary to anger.

If you really try to apply this advice, you will find that such an attitude to anger can pay off. You have the power to choose … and this power is immeasurable.

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