Learn to face fear

Learn to face fear

We are all afraid of something. Some fears we have since small, such as the fear of spiders.

In other cases, we develop it little by little during our growth and because of our experience, such as the fear of failure.

This emotion is a psychological adaptation that we have been experiencing since the beginning of evolution and, to a large extent, it has been an important part of human progress and evolution.

Fear can be a major impediment to our growth and to move forward, so we must learn to face it. When we let fear stop us, we can remain paralyzed for a long time and thus, unwittingly, let our goals slip.

Rational fear vs. irrational fear

The first thing to do to face the fear is to determine if it is a rational or irrational fear.

Rational fear is that which arises from an event or situation that really puts us in danger. An example would be to end up in a snowstorm while driving on the highway.

Instead,an irrational fear is one that arises from a situation or thing that in reality can not cause us any harmlike darkness for example.

When we identify the type of fear, it will be easier to find the solution to deal with it. For example, a rational fear can help us find a way out of the situation that could hurt us.

Irrational fear can paralyze us and prevent us from moving forward, without there really being a real cause.

Prepare for the moment when fear will take you

If you know or suspect, that you will be in a situation that could scare you, it is important that you prepare to face it.

Rational fear can be fought with some precautionary measures, while irrational fear requires analysis or deep introspection, since it may be a phobia or other psychological disorder, and usually requires consultation with a specialist.

Think about what usually creates this fear and then remember when you had to deal with it and what the end result was.

Face the situation that generates fear

If your fear is rational, like when driving in the middle of a storm, you will only need to take precautions.

If one day you find yourself in this situation, but you have auto insurance and you have informed yourself how to react, you will have the opportunity to cope with the situation and get out without problems.

If you have an irrational fear of darkness, you can try to put yourself in this situation.

You can start by staying in a dark room for a few minutes until you get used to the situation and gradually increase this test until you can overcome your fear.

Remember that it is always recommended that the use of these techniques be supervised by a health professional.

Confronting and overcoming fear depends on you

We all have fears and it is important that we learn to fight them and use them to our advantage.

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