Laughter, physical and psychological benefits

Laughter, physical and psychological benefits

– Since when are you obsessed with being a dog?
– Since any doctor puppy.

There is no better way to start an article on humor, than to start it with a joke. Humor is the ability we humans have to laugh at certain situations. It makes life lighter and causes a gambling attitude that keeps off for a time, problems and negative emotions.

Our spirit, our emotions and our body participate in this wonderful holiday that is humor. When something seems funny, our whole body benefits… laughing.

Humor on the couch of psychology

What is humor and why do we laugh? Psychology offers us some explanations on this sympathetic phenomenon.

  • The Liberation : According to Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, the sense of humor allows us to free ourselves from certain unconscious repressions in the face of certain themes that can be disturbing, such as sexuality, the feeling of inferiority or egoism.
  • Superiority : When we laugh at our own failings or those of the neighbor, it is because we feel relieved of a painful situation, or because the situation did not terminate tragically as expected, but funny. Freud would say that humor is a defense against suffering.
  • The game : Another point of view on humor places him as a connector with the child who is in us and who needs to play and have fun. Humor meets these needs.
  • Inconsistency: Seen from this perspective, laughter is the result of inconsistencies that occur, or surprise caused by an unexpected event.

The benefits of humor and laughter

As the saying goes, laughter is an infallible cure. It is a complete exercise that sets in motion 80 different muscles of the body and that generates a wave of chain reactions that encourage both physical and psychological well-being.

Physical benefits

• It stimulates the secretion of endorphins, which produce a sensation of pleasure.

• Laughter is an analgesic, it relieves pain.

• It lowers the blood pressure.

• It reduces the production of stress hormones.

• It strengthens our immune system.

• It relaxes muscle tension.

• It increases, up to twice, the respiratory capacity of the lungs.

• It improves the digestion and elimination of waste in our body through the internet massage that occurs on our internal organs when we laugh.

The psychological benefits

• It reduces stress and anxiety.

• It improves our memory capacity as it oxygenates our brain and relaxes our mind.

• It promotes creative thinking, which is associated with good mood.

• It promotes collaboration, union and harmony in interpersonal relationships.

There is no need to say, laughing at others is a form of humor, but another form of laughter, much more beneficial to our mental health, is to laugh at ourselves. If you laugh at yourself, dear readers, do not doubt for a moment that life will smile in return.

Photo Credits: Roland Lakis

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