Laughing out loud

Laughing out loud

The laugh is something very powerful. Surely you have already seen a person start laughing, and convey his euphoria to a whole group of people who are also laughing without knowing why.

In your eyes, is a smiling person more pleasant than a serious person?

Scientists explain this phenomenon by arguing that we are social beings for whom laughter is a simple and effective way to facilitate our relationships with others.

We have a brain that has been programmed to create social connections, so our brain provides us with a range of basic biological functions that promote interaction with others, as well as empathy.

Mirror neurons are the ones that make us laugh when we see someone else laughing. They are also active when we see someone doing something funny.

That's why it's so important to laugh, because we give the desire to smile to those around us and vice versa.

In addition to helping us connect with others and send a good feeling, laughter has other benefits:

1. It has a moderate analgesic effect, which helps to better withstand physical pain.

2. It intensifies positive emotions and minimizes negative ones, which helps to improve your mood.

3. It helps to better deal with problems.

4. Laughter helps reduce stress.

5. It helps to facilitate social relations.

6. Laughter intensifies our creative ability.

And you ? Is laughter part of your habits?

The good news is that with a little practice every day, it will quickly become indispensable to your daily life, and will help you to apprehend things in a positive way.

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