Laugh in bed, ladies!

Laugh in bed, ladies!

According to a study done only with women, in the psychiatric unit of the University of Toronto, the to laugh and female sexual arousal would be closely related and share several common points:

The body temperature increases. Arms, chest, neck and face flush.

– The facial muscles contract and breathing accelerates. The lips and eyes become moisturized more quickly and the skin is more sensitive.

The body relaxes completelyleaving room for physical and mental well-being.

Laughter removes tension in bed

Sexual intercourse often comes with tensions and uncertainties that end up reducing pleasure. The sense of humor and laughter help to put things into perspective and are a great way to overcome the taboos and negative aspects of everyday life.

Using laughter in our sexual relationships could prove to be a particularly intense and revitalizing remedy. According to the saying, laughter is the orgasm of the face because it mobilizes almost all the facial muscles.

During an orgasm, most muscles of the body are mobilized, and it is the release of pressure that will provide a sensation of pleasure, well-being and very intense relaxation.

We could then deduce that the alliance of sex and laughter (be careful, do not talk here about laughter to make fun, there is no question of hurting your partner!) Can only improve our life as a couple. Indeed, this alliance contributes to disinhibition and promotes complicity. Finally, it should not hinder the eroticism of the couple but strengthen and intensify.

Inventiveness in bed

Laughter and desire go hand in hand because it is laughter that reduces anxiety. And who says less anxiety, says more pleasure! The alliance of sex and laughter can even promote your inventiveness.

With the help of your imagination, the teasing, the diversion or the pleasure of each, you will find wonderful games, because in these moments, the complicity of both partners is at its height.

Our sexuality could therefore become a cure for both the body and the mind. And when laughter is added to sexual relations, they are transformed, in a way, into an accomplice and sacred union.

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