It all starts with self-esteem

It all starts with self-esteem

Do you have the feeling to do everything to please others without even noticing? It may be time to rework self-esteem.

Helping others without expecting anything in return is a wonderful act that proves that you have a great heart and the ability to help others. But do not forget thatbefore being able to love others, it is essential to love oneself first and not to give up one's own dreams.

This trait makes you an exceptional being, but have you ever wondered if you were really happy? Ask yourself if you do not expect a grateful person, who appreciates you for who you are and who would be willing to give back everything you brought him.

In fact, this long-awaited person is you! Nobody knows your desires, your feelings or your needs better than you.

Look at yourself in the mirror

We suggest you do an exercise. When you are alone, place yourself in front of a mirror and observe your reflection carefully. There is only you in this room and no one will be able to judge this reflection. Then write down all the thoughts that cross your mind when you observe yourself.

After 15 minutes or more, review what you have written. Now, list these thoughts by separating the negative things and the positive things.

If there are more negative than positive thoughts, it means that you need to care a little bit more about yourself. Little by little, you will be able to work on each of these negative points and then feel better. You will learn to focus on yourself and perceive your own person.

Start with you

Abraham Maslow, one of the most famous representatives of humanistic psychology, has developed a theory related to "self-fulfillment".

This author has schematized his theory by a pyramid hierarchizing the human needs essential to the total accomplishment of oneself. These range from physiological needs (eating, breathing, sleeping) to the need for love and self-esteem to achieve being creative, spontaneous and strong.

Self-esteem is a collection of perceptions, thoughts and feelings that define a person's behavior. This is the way we visualize ourselves and therefore affect our way of understanding the world.

According to the American psychologist Carl Rogers: "people's problems are due to poor self-esteem and feeling worthless and not worthy of being loved". In these cases, acceptance is an important step in addressing this problem and finding solutions.

Start now!

From now on, all negative thoughts you feel are likely to change. You will always help others of course, but you will learn to know and to discover your deepest feelings.

This is the first step to move forward in your internal search, as it will allow you to to revive all those desires that you must dare to accomplish! Live those dreams that you had put aside for a moment …

Photograph courtesy of Isable Bloedwater

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