Is your professional career in line with your goals?

Is your professional career in line with your goals?

Have you ever woken up wishing you won the lottery so you do not have to go to work anymore? Going to work is for many people a martyrdom. Either because they think they are not paid enough, or because they think they might be in a higher position. The question you have never asked yourself is whether your career matches your goals.

Sometimes we are not aware of why we end up practicing a certain profession. The reason may be the salary. Or because we want to gain experience. But what happens if this work does not coincide with our goals, with our professional and personal goals?

Imagine that we were working as administrative staff.This is a job we found quickly, without much effort. Money is the only reason why we adhere to it. We would actually like to create a management company. In other words, our goal is to undertake.

Driven by our environment, and as we had studied administration and business management, we chose the most obvious solution. However, every day is a burden because our work does not satisfy us completely. We are bored and do not want to go there.The fear, the comfort and the money we receive at the end of the month have still chained us to this work that we do not really like.

"The purpose of life is not to win, the purpose of life is to grow and share."


We sometimes believe that what we study, what defines our profession, is what determines our career. It can be a serious mistake. Indeed,the professional career is a path that we must choose consciously. It should, if possible, align with our life goals.

We focus on our dreams

Our professional career is not just about getting a job and making money. Thinking about it means that many people are dissatisfied. They count the holidays to know when they will not have to work, that they count the days remaining before the long-awaited vacation. They live their work as a countdown to their days off instead of enjoying it.

Everyone has desires, professional goals, or what we might call a dream.Something vocational, a job that we would do with pleasure and leave without fear of continuing to advance and build our career if he stopped satisfying us at a given moment. Moreover, we will not be trapped by fear, laziness and comfort if this work aligns with our life goals.

"Fear keeps us from leaving the comfort zone, we strive for the safety of what is known, this attitude prevents us from realizing ourselves, you have to leave this area to grow up."


How to start our professional career?We must not dream of the impossible but analyze what we like to do, in which activities or tasks we are good and what we can improve.The next step is to think how useful it could be for what we would like to devote ourselves to. Does it help others? Does it make someone's life easier? What is his main contribution?

How do we know if we are on the right track?

We might doubt that we have chosen the best path despite having thought of all the above.We can answer the following questions for that:

  • How many goals have we achieved? We are not talking about money. We are talking about achievements at the professional level. Your career and your goal are not aligned if you do not find any.
  • Is your work consistent with your values?The reason we are often not happy even though we make money is that our work does not contain any of the values ​​we value or go against them.
  • Does our work motivate us? This is a very important question. If we do not have the opportunity to develop our skills and be productive, and we develop our work automatically, we are probably wrong.

The answers to these questions can tell us where we are and if it is a good time to rethink the situation.Maybe we just need to see the work from another perspective or resolve some of the outstanding conflicts that hinder our professional development.

"Choose a job you love and you will not have to work a single day of your life."


There is a clear difference between those who have a satisfying professional career and those who only work. The first ones do it for pleasure. Realizing this profession is a compensation in itself. It brings them something.Their jobs allow them to progress little by little and improve their skills. The latter, on the other hand, consider work as an obligation that must be supported on a daily basis.

We must never comply. It must be said that there are no other opportunities. Nothing can be achieved, however, without effort and dedication. Why not take the time to train ourselves to what we really love and develop the professional career that will allow us to get up even if we only slept a few hours?

It's all about will, envy and patience.If we want to have a satisfying job, first think of our goals to start moving and to move towards them, although progress is slow at first.

Work to create or work to consume?

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