Is there really a difference in age in love?

Is there really a difference in age in love?

We are used to thinking that couples with a big difference in age only concern celebrities or personalities. However, this is not the case.

Moreover, among the family and friends of the couple in question, the thing is not always well seen, especially when it is the woman who is the older of the two.

She is 45 years old. He, 25 years old.

Would you think the same thing if it were the opposite, ie, if the man was 45 years old and the woman 25 years old? It is true that in both cases, the difference of 20 years is the same. But from a social and cultural point of view, there would appear to be differences.

Couples in which the woman is much older than the man, are generally frowned upon.

It is true that we have been educated in a culture that does not see the same eye in a relationship in which the man is older, even if the age difference is important, and a relationship in which it is the woman who is the oldest.

A couple in which the woman is older is synonymous with social rejection. On the contrary, when a "mature" man presents his young fiancée, all his friends and his family congratulate him for his great conquest.

When the woman introduces her young companion, her friends envy her, certainly, but it is more uncertain that they accept this union.

However, it is still more common for men to conquer younger women, rather than the other way around.

A study in the United Kingdom found that in about 14% of marriages, men are 6 to 10 years older than their wives. On the other hand, marriages in which a woman is 10 years older than her husband represent only 3%.

Characteristics of couples in which the woman is the oldest

Let's start with the worst viewed relationship of the two. It is probable that neither want to make public the engagement, nor to go out or to be seen in very frequented places, because of this discomfort of the "what will be said".

If the couple decides to talk to their loved ones, they may have to undergo all kinds of pressure from both sides, as well as some kind of "crucifixion" from their colleges, friends and family members. family, especially on the woman's side. This can affect the balance of the couple and the strength of the relationship.

It is also common for fears, insecurities and jealousy to arise, especially on the woman's side..

Competition with other younger women can turn into chronic or pathological jealousy for example. This can lead to arguments, misunderstandings, etc.

It will also be necessary to analyze the reason for a relationship with such an age difference.

Women tend to believe that, in this way, they may look younger and be happier, but this is not necessarily the case.

Obviously, it's a good thing for a woman to take better care of her, to have more confidence in her and to feel revived, but this is also observable at the beginning of any relationship. couple.

Characteristics of couples in which the man is the oldest

Since it is more common to observe couples in which the man is older than the woman, we think that it is difficult to analyze them because of their great variability. However, we can also draw a kind of "model" of the situation.

First of all, why does an older man want to go out or start a relationship with a young woman?

Well, for the same reasons as these mature women who go out with young men who could be their sons. On this point, it is impossible to specify the reasons.

It is true that in certain stages of life, especially after the age of 50, men feel old.

Therefore, having a relationship with a woman much younger than them is a way for them to feel younger.

In that case, society misinterprets the intentions of the girl, for she thinks that this last is with him out of interest and not true love.

In both cases, as we have seen, the role of the woman is always frowned upon, unlike that of the man.

If we leave these preconceived ideas and cliches aside, we may begin to accept all couples, regardless of age, religion or social status. What do you think?

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