Is sex in society a taboo or an obligation?

Is sex in society a taboo or an obligation?

Sexuality is a very important theme in the life of the human being. It is not vain if it is directly related to our reproduction.Sex has also become a social act where there is an exchange of affection or pleasure. One of the questions that flows from this is the following. How is sex perceived in society?

Sexuality has been lived in different ways throughout history.There have been periods of sexual liberation and others more puritanical. Today we live in a time when sex plays a strange role. Sexuality remains an uncomfortable subject in some contexts despite the sexual liberation that has occurred in recent decades.

Furthermore, while sex is still presented as a taboo, we find references everywhere. From advertising to private conversations of a group of friends, sex would be that ghost that is and is not everywhere. It becomes for many people a vital goal. And for many others a need. So, is sex in society a taboo or an obligation? We will analyze in this article the two perspectives in search of an answer.

Sex in society as a taboo

In some contexts, mentioning the words "vagina", "penis", "coitus", "condom", etc., causes many people to hold their heads. It is curious that something as basic as sexuality provokes these reactions. Furthermore,the taboo is not limited only to "politically correct" situations. It can also end up in many families or even in schools or institutes.It seems that sex is neither a family problem nor a school problem.

Serious consequences result from the fact that sex in society is considered a taboo, especially in the family or in education. This will play a role throughout our lives, both in terms of biological and social development.If we consider sexuality as something uncomfortable and we do not know it, we will lack sex education.An education that needs an honest and open dialogue.

Sexual education underlies, during the growth of an individual, a way of living a healthy sexuality. It is only necessary to examine the causes of sexual dysfunction and their high prevalence in the population. Most sex-related problems stem from the existence of anxiety associated with sex. And this is largely due to multiple sexual myths and prejudices that take us away from reality.

Sexuality is an essential part of our life. So we should not treat it as a taboo if we want to enrich ourselves through it. NOTWe can therefore put an end to the myths that surround it only through education, research and dialogue.

Sex in society as an obligation

In opposition to the vision of sexual taboo, we also find that sex permeates our environment. The clearest example is advertising. To sell an ice cream or shampoo, the latter uses ideas such as the simulation of a female orgasm. Sex is also disproportionately presented or even central to many films and series.

And the problem is not showing sex everywhere. The problem is to present it in an unreal and exacerbated way. Advertising, cinema, pornography, etc. have succeeded in transforming sex in society as a vital goal of undue importance. This has led to the fact that, despite the existence of taboo, sex in society has become an obligation.

This is reflected in a multitude of easily observable events on a daily basis. It is easy to imagine the shame and anxiety felt by a teenager or youth about being a virgin. Or the anxiety of a person to meet the sexual expectations of his partner. These examples show usthe toxicity of seeing sex as an obligation.

Like the taboo, considering sex as an obligation implies poor sex education.Unrealizable expectations and social pressures cause anxiety. This anxiety easily leads to dysfunctions and sexual disorders of all kinds .

It is therefore important to change the conception we have of sex. And so stop thinking of it as a taboo or an obligation.Sexuality is a set of human behaviors that can bring many benefits to any individual. We should not make the mistake of spoiling it with bad sex education or a bad vision of sex in society.

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