Introverted people, as beautiful as a sunset

Introverted people, as beautiful as a sunset

Perhaps one of the reasons we really enjoy a sunset is the same that makes people so introverted. The beauty of knowing how to appreciate the calm.Introverted people are labeled as less social beings. It is not that they do not like festivities or celebrations, but rather that they represent barriers to communication with others.

Introverted people do not consider an evening spent alone, after only a good dinner and a TV show, as a waste of time.On the contrary. They consider it a necessity, a free time to enjoy and return to the world. This happens to a third of the population.

According to Sophia Dembling, psychologist and author ofLive a quiet life in a noisy world, lpeople introverties like to dive into the depths of conversations inherent in the meaning of life, the nature of love or any other issue for which they feel interested in talking, with passion.

We often confuse shyness and introversion. These two concepts, however, totally different. Shyness is the fear of social disapproval. Introversion is a preference for environments that are not the most challengingShyness is intrinsically painful. Introversion is not, however.

"If you are an introvert, you also know that prejudices against tranquility can cause deep psychological suffering, and as a child, you may have heard your parents apologize for your shyness. you may have been encouraged to come out of your shell. "
-Susan Cain-

They feel alone in a crowd

Although it may seem contradictory, itIt is usual for introverted people to feel lonely among many people.They prefer to devote their social energy to friends, colleagues and close families. How often do we speak only to fill a quiet space? How many times do we lose our breath telling nonsense?

Introverted people can demonstrate strong social skills and enjoy parties and business meetings. But, after a while, they prefer to stay at home. They listen more than they speak and think before speaking. On the other hand, they often feel that they express themselves better in writing than during a conversation. They also tend to reject the conflict. Some introverted people may dread a little discussion, but enjoy in-depth discussions.

They are easily bored in environments where there are many people or a lot of stimuli. This is due to the fact that introverted peoplepay more attention to details. They also feel overwhelmed by excessive stimulation.

"You always say that people do not like you, but people can not love something that is not there."
-Cath Crowley-

Is the brain of introverted people different?

A study by Harvard University has detected various patterns in the brains of introverted people. These models shed light on the reasons for their introversion.Introverted people have a greater amount of gray matterwhich is also thicker in some areas of the prefrontal cortex, which is related to abstract thinking and decision making.

Another characteristic of the brain of introverted persons is that their frontal lobes and their anterior thalamus have a greater activity. This would allowthese people to be better able to remember events, make plans and solve problems.

This type of person pays more attention to what is going on inside than outside. They also have agreater brain activity in areas dedicated to learning, engine control and monitoring. This makes them more cautious.

"The beginning of wisdom is silence."

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