Introversion is not a disease

Introversion is not a disease

Every day, an important part of society is ignored and underestimated. It's time to talk about introverts. Let's start by seeing who they are.

Introversion is the feeling of being comfortable in situations or contexts of calm, with few external stimuli.

In contrast, extroverts need higher levels of stimulation to feel better. Stimulation can be in various forms: social stimulation, but also noise, lights, movement, etc.

The introverted person will have more fun going to have a coffee with a close friend in a quiet place, rather than ending up in a noisy party with a lot of strangers.

Do not confuse introversion and shyness. Shyness implies a fear of negative external opinion, whereas introversion is simply the fact of preferring an environment with less stimulation.

Shyness will always be embarrassing, but not introverted. If being introverted is not something embarrassing, then why do people see this as something wrong?

Why preferring tranquility or little stimulation is seen as something negative? If we think about it, this pseudo-absolutism comes from our childhood.

Since we were small, we have always had a negative view of someone who preferred tranquility or who preferred to be alone in relation to situations of noise or crowds.

Being extroverted or preferring group action to individual action is a good thing, but being introverted is not.

Our society rewards those who are extremely sociable or extroverted to anything else, including good ideas.

Susan Cain, an author who has deepened the subject of introversion, says that "there is no correlation between the one who speaks loudly or much and the one who has good ideas." According to her, more than a third of the population is introvertedbut many of these people are trying to pretend to be extroverted people, because that's what society wants.

For Susan Cain the problem is that anyone who wants to pretend to be what she is not, loses part of herself. And in this case, she loses the true meaning of how to pass the time.

Many of the introverts end up doing activities that they do not feel comfortable with, or where they would rather do something else, such as going to a party rather than staying quietly at home. a book.

Being an introvert does not mean being antisocialbecause an introverted person can be as much, even more, friendly than another person who would fully benefit from all the stimuli mentioned above.

Introversion is not a disease. This is another trait of personality, and it must be accepted as such.

Photograph by: Jon Clegg

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