Intelligent optimism, or how to be happy in all circumstances

Intelligent optimism, or how to be happy in all circumstances

Eduard Punset, a scientific publisher and economist, sums up the three-point optimism that he believes can help us achieve happiness, the real thing. It is life expectancy, personalized medicine and knowledge of emotions.

However, these are the keys to optimism that, in a critical situation, can collapse in the face of someone's will and mental health.
Is there then even a little luck to be successful in all circumstances? Of course, yes, as long as you dare to be interested in intelligent optimism, and put the keys into practice.

But … intelligent optimism, what exactly is it?

Many people think that optimism is linked to ignorance or "rejection of reality", and pessimism to "mental enlightenment".
This design is a type of optimism that focuses on being happy just to be happy, and pushing you to turn a blind eye to reality to protect yourself from any possible injury.

This form of optimism fills the offices of psychologists with patients who are unaware of who they are or who they really are. They discover at a bad time in their lives that they have been manipulated for years and that to their surprise, they were mistaken about their loved ones, about their social and economic situation as well as about who they really are.

But, all this has nothing to do with true optimism. Intelligent optimism is linked to so-called positive psychology, a new trend that has approached psychological treatment in a completely different way.
It focuses on the study of mental health rather than focusing solely on pathology, which has long been a common practice in psychology.

Maria Dolores Avia, Professor of Personality Psychology at the Complutense University of Madrid and author of the book Smart optimismemphasized the importance of personal development.

The four rules to respect if you want to be happy in all circumstances

Open the eyes. This is what anyone who practices intelligent optimism must do, because to close one's eyes on reality and on what is happening around oneself, it is not a solution to be happy. Prejudice (whether positive or negative), fear and habit are the worst enemies of self-knowledge.

Nourish the body and mind. We can not be happy in all circumstances if apathy, self-destructive character (resentment, nostalgia, guilt, melancholy …) and despair take up too much space in our lives. It is not more powerful than faith rooted in the strength of the will to achieve a goal. If you feed your mind and body with new goals, then optimism will not leave you.

"Cultivate the small pleasures". This sentence comes from The fabulous destiny of Amelie Poulain, the famous film by Jean Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro. It sums up the concept of intelligent optimism alone. Sometimes we are so busy trying to accomplish great things that we forget those little daily pleasures that give real meaning to our lives.
Intelligent optimism will be a fervent supporter of all these little delights of your everyday life. It will be a strength in your good days, and will allow you to better manage your darker days.

Fight. Say things like "that, I already did it" or "I'm too old for that", it does not bring you much. To live is to struggle, to decide to ripen, to learn, to erect and to demolish walls, that is what constitutes a good guarantee against disease.
You are alive, so feel alive!

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