Integral psychology, a path to well-being

Integral psychology, a path to well-being

Integral psychology is a perspective that focuses on the development of healthy individuality. It's a model of consciousness that seeks well-being through growth and creativity. Moreover, according to this concept, to reach the desired state, each person needs to carry out different practices, because we are all different in what we are and in what we have lived.

The idea is that through integral psychology, we can reach a stage of fullness by developing our consciousness and avoiding suffering. So, this practice would be a way to make the most of us. It is a branch of psychology that seeks the well-being of the human being through different tools.

"To connect with the deepest is to spread our wings and dare to fly in the immensity of our universe, to receive with love what life brings us."


Touch to different theories via integral psychology

In the context of integral psychology, different therapeutic models are taken into account. What is important is to apply the one that adapts most to oneself to improve one's quality of life. Therefore, there is no point in determining which theory is the best; It is not the goal. On the contrary, each theory counts and assumes the same importance, and one can simultaneously resort to different principles of several of these theories.

So, integral psychology tries to include everything that can be used for personal development. Thus, it attempts to reconcile the psychological theories that exist by highlighting the benefits of each. In addition, it incorporates various spiritual practices other than the study of the mind that could also be useful.

In integral psychology, what prevails is the person. Each presents a different personal development that goes through different levels over time. Depending on the time of our life when we are interested in integral psychology, it will be necessary to resort to one practice or another, because each period brings with it various problems.

To touch different theories is to recognize that each belief is precious and that each person is unique. This is why a different practice will be useful for everyone's development.

How was integral psychology born?

Integral psychology was born because, according to some authors, a theory that would unify psychological knowledge was missing. In other words, it was necessary to establish a discipline that would take into account different beliefs and spiritual practices. Thus, this current emerged, a model that addresses various fields of the human being in order to perceive his personal development.

The author who is first and foremost associated with this practice is Ken Wilber, an American writer. He was the first to describe what is integral psychology, studying aspects related to psychotherapy and spirituality. In addition, he has discussed the nature of certain branches of psychology, and is promoting new paths for the interpretation and practice of human mental health.

Ken Wilber also founded the Institute of Integral Psychology in 1998in addition to formulating the integral theory. He emphasized a diagram with 4 dials. This diagram describes the fields to which the human being is linked:

  • The intentional dial: it is the individual zone of each, whose study involves disciplines such as psychology, philosophy and aspects related to spirituality.
  • The behavioral portion: it is related to technical skills. To study it, we use knowledge in areas such as physiology, neurology and behavioral psychology, among others.
  • The cultural section: it is related to the collective aspects of change. For example, we study myths, beliefs, stories and symbols constructed.
  • The social dial: it is associated with areas such as technology, politics and systems.

According to Wilber, it is necessary to integrate these four dials for personal development to be complete. In other words, we must achieve a balance in each of these dials to achieve a supreme well-being. Thus, it will be easier to know our role in the world, in addition to developing different levels of consciousness in an integral way.

However, integral psychology continues to develop today. For example, it is used as a therapy and as a form of knowledge through workshops, seminars, classes, support groups, meditation and personal development.

The benefits of integral psychology

To practice integral psychology is to strengthen one's well-beingbecause it brings different benefits for the quality of life. Here we show you some of the most important ones:

  • Initiate personal development: Through the practice of integral psychology, we enter a process of constant transformation where the more time passes, the better we know ourselves. Transformation must occur in different fields at the same time.
  • Foster creativity: it's about generating new ideas to cope with what life brings us. We are creative beings, because by becoming accustomed to this practice, we will be able to act more confidently in dealing with our problems.
  • To take the step towards the expansion of consciousness: integral psychology helps us to connect with the deepest of our being. It expands our vision of life.
  • Know new resources to be healthier: through the development of consciousness and spiritual connection, we can come to know important aspects of our well-being. It is a question of seeing what virtues we have when we assume the problems, and to use them to confront them.
  • Showing empathy : in integral psychology, the relationship we have with ourselves and with others is very important. Thanks to this discipline, we can develop our empathy effectively.

Therefore, through this model, we can promote the best of us. In this way, we improve how we relate to others, take responsibility for problems and make decisions through creativity and the search for balance.

As we see, integral psychology is a model of therapy and knowledge that we can apply to our lives. Creativity and openness will be the tools that will help us to reach a state of fullness in our relationship with ourselves, with others and with nature. Thus, the development of consciousness will become our best ally in the context of each learning.

"The most developed person is the one who can put himself in the place of the greatest number."

-Ken Wilber-

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