In each book, there is a sentence waiting for it to be read and appropriated

In each book, there is a sentence waiting for it to be read and appropriated

We and the books share many common points, among which is to be, both, infinite.

Reading is not only a way to pass the time, it can also allow us to know ourselves better through words of other.

Reading is a journey that can take us to unknown worlds, or even lead us to introspection.

Dare to travel, because the further you go, the deeper your personality will be, and the easier it will be for you to get away from all those things that hurt you.

The book is infinite: it always has something to reveal

Borges has always imagined paradise as a library; indeed, it is true that a library is infinite, because in literature, there are conquests, stories, love, fantasies, thoughts … but above all, as many options as it does not exist. There are feathers to write them.

From the moment we enter a book, the author gives us the opportunity to seize something that previously belonged to him.

The latter offers us his inner universe, so that each reader can have the opportunity to know it, to interpret it, and especially to reinvent it.

Sometimes, in a book, there are sentences waiting for them to be read and appropriated: they want us to discover them, and so we can also discover ourselves.

"An open book is a brain that speaks, closed, a friend waiting, forgotten, a friend who forgives, destroys, a heart that cries."

– Hindu proverb

The meaning of the word also becomes infinite, because with it, we awaken worlds that, possibly, we could not have imagined without the help of a book.

Is it not certain that sometimes these infinite and unreal universes live in us fervently?

Become masters of these worlds, because they lead us to access parts of us to which we would not have been able to have access otherwise than by reading.

Reading is an inner journey

There are situations in which sadness is so great that it seems impossible to externalize what we have in us.

Julio Cortázar has already said: "words never reach their target when what we have to say goes beyond our soul".

This is why it is curious to say that it is the words themselves that can bring back the illusion in us.

The sentences that can be found while reading are there to help us see a glass that previously was empty before our eyes ; we must be aware of the power they can have over people.

One of the most positive points that can be reaped by going on a journey is knowing the infinity of the realities that the world brings to us, of those forms of life that previously seemed unthinkable to us or that would not be ours. not even come to mind and that today, when we think about it, generate in us admiration, even curiosity.

The same is true when reading; the further we travel, the deeper we can get to know each other.

"To travel far, there is no better ship than a book."

-Emily Dickinson-

Accepting that in each book are paths that are more difficult to navigate, it is also part of life, and the solution is not to flee them, but rather to borrow them The more time it takes, the greater the reward, and the better we know each other.

Get ready: change your world and make some literature

Of course, it is probably easier to create imaginary worlds than to change the real world.

Yet all that surrounds us today had to be based on utopian foundations in order to exist: what if Christophe Colon had never bothered to show that the earth was not flat?

It is good to believe in the impossible, because maybe one day we will be able to make it a reality: the important thing is not to lose the illusion for all these things that give us reasons to chart a path.

"Remember that what we call today" reality "yesterday was called" imagination "."


We all know that reality is subjective, and that by adopting a positive attitude, we can mold it as we please and do what we want.

That's why we have to believe in it and do everything to make our dreams come true, even if at times they seem quite out of reach and unachievable.

Let's choose those little sentences from books that have marked us, and write our story If we already have some ideas, now is the time to find new ways to be happy.

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