I'm tired of wanting everything to happen as I wish

I'm tired of wanting everything to happen as I wish

Let's stop trying to determine everything. Let's stop wanting everything to happen in a concrete way. When we try to predict things, to define them, they never unfold as we want. We are then drowning in frustration.To free ourselves from the chains we impose on ourselves will prevent us from falling into the terrible pit of difficulties and psychological problems.

We live in a sort of automatism,as if a button that forced us to live without thinking and without thinking was always on. We do the things he tells us without considering alternatives.This button is onwe prevents us from seeing the essence of the facts.What happens to us is contaminated by our way of seeing the world.

When we merge with our thoughts and feelings, we lose experiences. The experience of living, the experience of our lives.

Making everything happen the way I want it generates a lot of the emotional and psychological ill-being that I feel.

Asking ourselves why we do things and why we act in a certain way opens a door to the reasons for our behavior.When our focus is on the past or the future, we fall into the hands of guilt and concern.And we forget the present moment. This situation gives rise to a narrowing of our thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

Moreover, a lack of contact with the presenttends to make us behave in an inefficient way.The extreme regulation of behavior reduces the contact with the current circumstances, which can be of great help to us in the formation and orientation of our behavior.

Stop wanting everything to go according to your wishes and act accordingly with what happens to you at that moment.

Life is not what happens to us – it's the way we deal with it

Our attitude contains the secret of happiness. It is she who will make us happy to be alive or who will make us suffer and turn us into slaves of ill-being. It must depend on us, at every moment, and not our automatisms learned.

That everything happens as I want it is not only devoid of realism: it is also something that deprives me of happiness.

For each situation, it is necessary to make a choice. If we keep our autopilot permanently on,nothing will change for us. And no matter what happens in the outside world.We'll be like a hammer that only sees nails and forgets everything else.

Our brain likes to play with us. He likes to make us believe that he holds the truth. However,the reality will not depend on what we want.We can not live only with pleasant things. We must learn to live together with everything else. This of course includes things we do not want.

"I was lucky: in life, nothing was easy for me."

-Sigmund Freud-

In addition, according to psychology experts,life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we deal with it.It is therefore time to face things more and to assume what is happening.

To want everything to happen as I wish, is that really what I'm looking for?

When you understand thatchanging the superfluous does not hurt, you become free to exist and to be. In any circumstance.It means that we have to go beyond our desires and automatisms, be they personal, social or family.

You are not just what you think.You are more than what your thoughts tell you, you are more than a set of beliefs that should define things. You are much larger than predetermined and illusory ideas. You are the change. You can adapt. When you realize it, you will understand that things are happening as they should.

In the universe, nothing good or bad happens. All that happens is neutral and necessary. The problem arises when we struggle and come into conflict with situations and circumstances that are part of the evolutionary process of every human being. From now on,let's get used to seeing reality as it is: neutral. Do not judge it.

The fact that we consider it good or bad has nothing to do with the evolutionary process that we must live. It depends what we think.There is nothing more devastating and painful than wanting things to happen in the opposite way.Abandoning this equally harmful habit is one of the best things we can do for ourselves.

"The wise man does not seek anything, he does not try to be good, strong, docile, rebellious, contradictory or coherent, he just wants to be".


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