I'm tired of talking to others, why?

I'm tired of talking to others, why?

Do you have the feeling of not being able to attend meetings because you are tired of talking to others?Do you think socializing is a waste of time and it costs you to connect with others? If the answer is yes, this article was written for you. We will explain why we feel exhausted when we talk to others.

First of all, we must make it clear that a person who does not feel comfortable talking to others is not necessarily a person with a problem. In other words,that there are personality traits characterized by a lower "endurance" to interact with others and interact socially. This does not mean that there is an underlying psychological problem. There are also difficulties such as the fear of speaking in public that can be confused with being exhausted when we interact with others. However, they have nothing in common.

Some psychological disorders, however, are characterized by great difficulty in opening up and talking with other people.For example, those who suffer from depression or anxiety usually suffer from this type of situation because they focus too much on themselves and are not in tune with other people.

Reasons why you are exhausted from talking to others

Below are some of the main reasons why you may feel tired or exhausted when talking to other people.

Concrete personality traits

There are different types of personality and, according to the author to whom we refer, we will find different classifications and categories.Almost all personality models, however, relate to introversion. This trait is not something you have or do not have 100%. It is not a question of whether he is present or absent. We all have it to a greater or lesser extent.

"There are personality traits with weaker" endurance "to interact with others and interact socially, which does not mean that there is an underlying psychological problem."

Introversion is a widely recognized personality trait. It is the individual's tendency to live in his inner world and to feel good and happy in situations where there are few people or where it is possible to stay in one's bubble and express one's emotions when you want, without pressure.

The opposite line or pole of introversion is extraversion. It is important to remember, however, that we all have these characteristics to a greater or lesser extent. So thateven though we are very sociable, we can also have days where we do not feel like talking to others.

Talking to others is an important energy expense for the brain of an introvert and is therefore often exhausting. It's not that our brain has difficulty speaking to others, but that prioritizes other activities such as creativity, introspection, reflection and analysis rather than socialization .

heis therefore recommended to introverted people to spend time alone and to insert moments of exitskeeping in mind that there is no harm in feeling this.

"Introversion, the tendency to look inward, can be one of the reasons why you are exhausted from talking to others."

Low mood or demotivation

The bad mood or the demotivation lead people to think that everything costs them a lotit is very difficult for them to communicate with others, to work or to perform daily tasks.

It is therefore normal that you are exhausted from talking to others if your mood and your level of personal motivation are low. The reason isthat these states lead you to feel that others bring you nothing, do not motivate you and leave you part of your time.

The demotivation and bad mood can also explain why you are exhausted from talking to others.
It is true that theOne way to improve our feelings in such cases is to talk to other people. However, this strategy only works if we choose very well with whom to do it.It is especially important to avoid those who only transmit their problems and complaints because negative emotions will make us feel a great burden.

Another reason why you may feel exhausted from talking to others, and that is related to your low mood, may be the proven insecurity of not knowing with whom to talk about what is happening to us.It should be noted that this mood also coexists with the difficulty of maintaining attention and participating actively in social situations. So that thehow you feel emotionally will affect your ability to talk to others and interact.

Sometimes we are exhausted from talking to others because we are talking to people who are just transmitting their problems and, instead of feeling listened to, we feel overwhelmed by their emotions.

If you feel exhausted from talking to others, keep in mind that this is a necessary activity. We are indeed social animals andisolation only leads to further isolation.

A possible alternative to improve your situation could be toto choose who you speak with and on which topics. It is possible that as an introvert, you have relationships with very extroverted people who "ask" you for important social participation when it may not motivate you.

Talking about our feelings with others is therapeutic

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