If you want to become a teacher, never stop learning

If you want to become a teacher, never stop learning

We all know that knowing is one thing, but teaching is another. We know what it is, because probably despite our knowledge, we have not managed to touch anyone. However, often we are not sufficiently aware of the value of teaching.

Education is the ball outfit that you put on to attend the feast of life. This sentence is sincere and inspiring because it moves something inside us and brings us back to our memories …

Teaching is the most noble goal a person can aim, and the most fruitful.

The art of learning to teach

One can be a good educator thanks to a magic formula mixing a multitude of ingredients.

Thus, teaching requires the mastery of many abilities as well as a large number of skills. Let's see some together in the rest of this article …

Interest in life and the world

The true vocation to teach goes beyond the boundaries of pedagogy.It is something more personal, it is a vocation to educate hearts and emotions.

Good teaching is one that marks eternally, leaves a trace, leads to questioning, doubts and inspires learning. The latter is built on a simple basis: that of interest and admiration for the life of the educator.

Love for books and reading

If we feel adoration for all those objects that involve knowledge and learning, we inevitably love books and the profit that we derive from them. 

Love for students

Whether or not they are children, it is obligatory for a person who wishes to teach to love the condition of all those whom they must help to learn. The best teachers have this philosophy, even if they can not verbalize it.

Control of emotions

It is said that before teaching reading, one must teach love for the value of things.

The teacher tries to put himself in the student's shoes, identify his emotions and use them with love for the sole purpose of seeing his pupils dilate and develop and to see his pupil deposit all his hopes and all his dreams in him.

Only with good teachers can one learn to love, to appreciate serenity.

The most endless patience and serenity

The teachers have the great ability to turn frustration and despair into a serene, wise and persevering energy.

In other words, what really matters is the sum of everything that is taught, and the way it is taught.

What we owe to teachers and educators

We keep good memories of our brilliant teachers, and we are grateful to those who have touched our hearts.

We thank infinitely those who teach us or who have taught us things, and those who take care of the teaching of our children.

In the same way as to educate our children, we constantly search and try to acquire knowledge.

Teachers return home each evening filled with satisfactions and frustrations that push them to go further.

Simply saying that teachers teach things is not enough.

To be a good teacher is to have a vocation for this job, it is to be someone who teaches, but who also stimulates the memory of others, their intelligence, their sensitivity, and their imagination.

A good teacher is someone who awakens the brain of others and makes them aware of the importance of patience.

Teachers are the saviors of society because they give each of their students an illumination passport. Thanks to them, each day is full of life and future, because of their invitation to thought, words and inspiration.


You will teach others to steal, but they will not fly like you.
You will teach others to dream, but they will not make the same dream as you.
You will teach others to live, but they will not live the same life as you.
However … during each flight, in every life and every dream,
will always continue to trace the path taught.

Mother Teresa

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