If you feel alone when you are with yourself, you are in bad company

If you feel alone when you are with yourself, you are in bad company

Why do we usually avoid loneliness? Why would most of us prefer to be accompanied most of the time? Many people avoid being alone at all costs and find thousands of pretexts to be with other people. They are afraid of loneliness, fear of silence and they also experience a great need to be with others so as not to be alone with themselves.

However, we can learn a lot from loneliness. It benefits us and pushes us to go beyond. In fact, learning to be alone can take us much further than any company. You just have to know how to look.

The bitterest face of loneliness is the feeling that makes us believe that we are no longer loved or appreciated. The solitude imposed and not chosen is not the most pleasant situation we can experience, but it can allow us to grow enormously.

If you feel lonely, do not always look for the company of others. Sometimes, seeking to take advantage of these types of situations can help you.

The only voice we hear when we are alone is that of our internal dialogue

Solitude is the great sculptor of the spirit. We can use it as a tool to promote our personal growth. Being alone, we only listen to our voice, this internal dialogue that is often uncomfortable to us and that we try to silence consciously by the noise and the company. In reality, loneliness does not scare us, that's what we need to tell ourselves that scares us.

If you feel alone, it is because you are badly accompanied. Do not forget that loneliness is the empire of consciousness.

Loneliness is in mind what the diet is to the body. If she can be silent like light, she is also one of the most powerful agents. Being alone is something intrinsic to the human being and essential for him. All men come into the world alone and they abandon it in the same way.

So, in solitude we find nothing more than what we have in our interior. Thus, moments without people in our surroundings are conducive to our own knowledge. Knowing how to listen to us is the best remedy for fear when we are not surrounded by other people.

If you feel lonely, something is not working well. You should find in solitude the quality of a friend who offers you the company to which you aspire.

The first condition for establishing a healthy internal dialogue is to develop the capacity to understand and value ourselves. Listen, accept and recognize what we have to say allows us to open the door to a welcoming place where we can feel protected.

"Loneliness is and has always been the central and inevitable experience of every man.The man who is the strongest in the world is the one who is the loneliest."

-Tom Wolfe-

If you feel lonely, remember that loneliness is the only thing that does not leave us alone

Loneliness is the only thing that does not leave us. This phrase filled with humor and sarcasm hides a truth that can become uncomfortable. We all felt at least once abandoned. We have all been forced to embrace painful and profound independence. The one that distresses us and welcomes us into his refuge.

For this reason, we will never find anyone who is so good company as loneliness. If we choose it freely, we can use it to manage and implement what we think and feel.

We believe that being an adult means being independent and not needing anyone. However, this search for independence can sometimes end up being harmful to us. That's why at least a moment in our lives we all felt ourselves die of loneliness.

It is important to remember that when we feel lonely, helpless and abandoned, this is the time when we most need to find ourselves with ourselves. It is at this moment that we must hold on tight, to feel that we are with us. It is without doubt one of the greatest ironies of life.

"It is easy to live according to the opinion of the world, it is easy to live alone in accordance with ourselves, but the great man is one who knows how to maintain with perfect serenity the independence of loneliness while being in the middle of the crowd. "


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