I watched my own monsters in the eyes

I watched my own monsters in the eyes

I looked at my own monsters in the eyes and discovered what fear was. That fear that paralyzes you, that springs up from within and engages you with such force that it stops all your attempts to breathe. This condition makes you feel that your feet are stuck to the ground and, therefore, do not let you move forward.

Remember that when you become aware of what you really fear, then you become the most vulnerable.But this vulnerability also highlights your strengths to the extent that you discover what you really want.

That's why I looked at my own monsters in the eyes, to arm myself with my fears.The goal was to prevent everything that I had accumulated – failure, loneliness, uncertainty, rejection – to dominate my steps, to make them the pillars on which to build a secure base for my world.

"I have never met anyone who is completely sure of everything he does, but I have met all kinds of people who claim to be, and they are the ones I have most envied because they are the most successful in everything they do. "

I looked at my own monsters in the eyes and found myself

We are used to running away and playing the forts.As if camouflaging the reality behind a smile could eliminate the monsters that torment us so much in life. But by behaving in this way, trying to escape what we fear rather than confronting it, we are only fueling our fears.

These fears, which in the shadows become the ball in my throat shaking our voice, turn into tears that can not stop flowing, even if we think there is no reason for it, or in involuntary tremors and almost imperceptible of our hands when we hold what matters to us. Because our monsters grow up and fight in the dark to control our own lives.

"I know that I am not perfect and that I can not do everything well, but even so, I require myself to be every day, maybe I am the one who makes my monsters come out to do not differentiate the human being from the perfect being. "

That's why, looking at my own monsters in the eyes, I knew myself and discovered my doubts. So I discovered that we all have more or less the same monsters and that the fear of uncertainty, resulting from not controlling everything, is their captain. Therefore, rather than feeding my uncertainty with anything that could fail or make me fall, I decided to be reborn from my ashes and fly, realizing that within my possibilities was that of doing something really good, desired and appreciated.

I looked at my own monsters in the eyes and reborn from my ashes

This is how I could look at my own monsters in the eyes and be reborn from my ashes.I was now the one who controlled everything I felt, but accepting the fact that I could not control what was happening. I have learned that life is a succession of uncontrollable, sometimes sad, and other times that make you smile, most of which are impossible to predict.

This is how you learn that fear is often nothing more or nothing less than the interpretation you make of what you live and can not control. Once you learn this, you leave some space for that part of you that wants to let go.You begin to live what needs to be lived and enjoy what is good, without letting the bad experiences that have taken place or those to come feed your inner monsters.

I know now that I do not have to be perfect and live a life of tales. I also know that I must not give up or let myself be controlled by my fears for everything that I fail or fail.I just learned that I can be happy without being perfect, and that's why I choose to be happy every moment.

I am more and more human, less and less perfect and more and more happy

I am more and more human, less and less perfect and yet happier. I became my own medicine. Learn more
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