I love you to love you, not to be loved

I love you to love you, not to be loved

"… since nothing makes me happier than seeing you happy"

You will agree with me that love is one of the most wonderful things we can feel in our life.

Feeling loved and cherished by someone leads us to live each day with great enthusiasm and the desire to become better people.

Therefore, what happens when you know that person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life and love it as the first day?

We have won the best price in life, that of unconditionally and completely loving another person.

Love drives us to feel satiated, complete and without internal deficiencies, because everything is complete, even ourselves.

Today, we tend to disregard the fact that, to maintain this sacred and pure love, it is necessary to care or our relationships, in this case, our partner.

His dedication and the fact that he takes care of us, will make our precious emotions last in time and that the initial bond be maintained, with the same intensity.

In short, we must strive to demonstrate to the person we love, all the love we feel for them.

So, this love will become stronger and stronger in our heart. We must never be ashamed of him, let alone conditioned by the people around us.

Before continuing, I would like to remind you of something simple but full of meaning and necessity.

Love involves continuous effort and work.

This is how couples who have spent so much time together succeed because they know how to keep their love full of strength and they do not stop conquering each other every day.

Have you ever wondered what are the ingredients of such a beautiful recipe? Know that it's a lot simpler than we think!

Life is not a sci-fi movie, it's your movie. The genre of the film, you only decide it yourself, and to make it reality, everything rests in your hands and in your heart.

You will only need the effort of both members of the relationship and the most complete surrender to love.

Here are the 5 ingredients to conquer and keep a living relationship:

Always try to break the routine. We are used to accept the idea that things start to change, after the fury of the first months of the relationship, in which we perceive that everything is perfect and where we do not see a single fault in our partner.

This happens when monotony makes its appearance. The same plans, the same conversations, the same schedules, the habits and the sexual activities of always do not help to keep the flame of the alive love …

Communication is essential. Communication tends to be left out in many relationships.

However, it is necessary to have good and sincere communication so that you and your partner know what you expect and what you expect from the relationship.

Maybe you feel uncomfortable in one aspect of the relationship and your partner has not even noticed it … I invite you to communicate with affection and love.

They have affection and show their love for each other. Do not let the lack of time distract you in your efforts to keep your love alive with gestures of affection and tenderness.

Feeling the person we love close to our hearts helps to further develop the existing bond and that both at once connect completely.

They pay attention to small details. It is very important and helpful to take care of the person we love and to pay attention to the small details, but it will be of no use if we do not do it with unconditional love.

Accustom your partner to constantly receive love from time to time, without waiting for a special occasion.

Act in a different way and apply an extra dose of attention so that he feels he has value in your eyes.

They make people smile every day. Smiling will help you to constantly adopt an excellent attitude and you will feel whole and happy.

Be optimistic about life and the relationship. You already know the physical and emotional benefits that laughter brings us. Do not stop doing it and even less with the person you love the most.

"Absence and time are nothing when we love"

Alfred de Musset

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