I have 20 reasons to love you

I have 20 reasons to love you

"We are in love when we realize that the other person is unique"
– Jorge Luis Borges –

The perfect couple does not exist, butto love is to respect, to admire, to have ups and downs. If it is not the case, if one does not love you as you are, if you are not supported but humiliated, it is not love, you are mistaken.

So, our relationship often depends on self-esteem. When we do not love ourselves, we allow the other to submit and make us unhappy … and that is not love.

So, how do we know if our half really likes us?

The 20 reasons that I love you …

1. We admire each other

When we love someone, we admire him. We admire his way of being, to behave with us and with others. We admire his way of seeing life, his tastes … To admire is to love.

2. We respect ourselves

When we love, we respect the opinions of others and we value them. We respect the other and what he is. Thinking differently does not have to generate conflict.

3. We suffer when we realize that we have hurt our half

When we love a person, we suffer when we see that we have made a mistake. We worry and try to repair the harm that has been done.

4. We forgive ourselves

To love is to know and to want to forgive. In love, nothing is rosy, and sometimes our half hurts us one way or another.

However, greatness lies in the ability to ask forgiveness and forgive without resentment, because our love is strong and overcomes obstacles.

5. We complete each other

Because you bring me everything I miss. Because I'm nervous and you can calm me down. Because I'm anxious and you know how to appease me. Because you complete me and I complete you.

6. We do not do anything and we are free.

You do not belong to me and I do not belong to you: we are fellow travelers who have chosen to travel on the same train.

I love you because from the moment we looked at each other, we chose to be companions in the most free and respectful way possible. Each of us is an independent and complete person.

When we love, we do not belong to anyone. We are whole, with the joint responsibility to plan a future for two.

7. We are surprised every day

A little unexpected gift, places for our favorite concert, a voice message or a smile. Small details that make all the difference and that feed the love felt towards our half.

8. We learned to enjoy the different stages of love

When we love, we learn to enjoy every step of love. We do not feel as many butterflies in the belly, but we always have this incomparable complicity.

Sometimes we look for the shivers of the first days, then find our routine.

9. We like to spend time together

Being a couple is like spending time with two and sharing moments rich in experience and emotions.

10. We help each other

"She knows better than me", "He knows better than me" … When we need help, we know that our half will always be there for us.

11. Every night I ask him, "How was your day?"

It is very important for the other person to know that one is concerned about him.

It is fundamental to be interested in our half for himprove our support and create a sense of support and support.

12. We respect our respective spaces

Even though we like to include each other in our projects, we also know how to respect the moments in which we need to be alone or to see friends.

13. We prove our love every day with little gestures

A wink, a kiss or a smile are enough. A gesture can have so much more meaning than words, because it is the silent symbol of our love.

14. We fondly recall memories passed by two

We have been together for a long time, but we like to remember certain memories, our successes, our joys, but also our sorrows and our difficulties. We have overcome the obstacles by always remaining united.

15. We know how to defend our couple

When we love someone, we can not stand someone who somehow damages our other half. We defend it "tooth and nail".

16. He / she makes me feel good

When we are in love, we do not want our half to feel bad because of us, so we do everything to make her happy with us.

17. We understand each other in one look

When we look at our half, we know immediately if she is sad or concerned.

We know how she feels, whether she is uncomfortable or whether she is taking full advantage. Together, we learned the language of looks.

18. There is still so much chemistry between us

Even if time passes and our couple has evolved, he still loves me and we are always attracted to each other. Desire is always present.

19. We are patient and generous

Love does not require anything. Love is knowing how to give and receive. We only love when we are able to make sacrifices for each other and we try to understand it, because it's not my vision or yours, it's a mix of both.

Love is accepting the faults of our half and some things that bother us at home. It is being patient and not trying to change the other person or wanting him to be like us.

20. We are faithful, authentic and honest to each other

We can not fall in love if we are not sincere and honest.

Love is not hiding great secrets to each other. Being loyal, genuine and honest is the foundation of our trust.

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