I fell in love with a narcissistic person

I fell in love with a narcissistic person

"It is very likely that you know narcissistic people. They are surely intelligent and sure of themselves. They make you laugh, make you think. The first time you met them, you surely loved them. But it is quite possible that this sensation did not last. "
– Jeffrey Kluger –

For an inexplicable reason, we are particularly attracted to stubborn people with well-defined ideas. For many, Narcissistic people are very attractive, despite the fact that they are not good company.

Have you fallen in love with one of these people? Read this article to be sure.

Narcissists are unable to accept their mistakes

A narcissistic person has a hard time accepting that she was wrong. It will always make you feel that you are wrong. Even if that person likes you a lot, you will still not feel guilty.

An irrepressible jealousy

"Our worst enemy can not do us as much harm as the madness of our own thoughts."
– Buddha –

A narcissistic person is envious of all that she can not have. Even the slightest detail will make your half angry when she sees you with another person.

These people are not able to accept that you can have other interests and that other people are important in your life. Their jealousy will put your relationship in jeopardy.

These people direct your conversations constantly

A conversation, just like a relationship, is knowing how to give and receive. Does your other half give you the opportunity to express your ideas? Or do only his count?

There is nothing more enjoyable for a narcissist than to hear his own voice. The problem is not that you do not speak, but that you can never express yourself.

They think they are above everyone

Narcissism is often associated with the notion of beauty. This does not mean that being in love with a beautiful person means that you like a narcissistic person.

Indeed,a narcissist can have an image of him much more advantageous than it should be.

Narcissists want to convey an image of perfection and security, while inside they have very low self-esteem.

The narcissist thinks he is smarter than others

"When we do not understand one thing, it is declared absurd or superior to our intelligence. In general, we prefer to favor the first option. "
– Concepción Arenal –

Does your other half let you understand that everything you say is bad? Every time you talk, does it make you feel that your opinions are worthless?

If so, be aware that you are with a narcissistic person.

Whatever your intellectual coefficient or your efforts to prove to your half that it is wrong,your relationship will be very destructive because you will always be belittled.

A narcissistic person is unable to show recognition

No matter the attention, she still thinks she deserves it and nothing is ever too much for her. Do not count on the fact that she thanks you for what you did for her.

It will make you feel that everything you do is insufficient. Gradually, you will lose energy and your relationship will become a terrible weight.

If you accept this situation, you will end up unhappy and you will realize all the time you have lost.

His honesty is brutal

"I think what makes you beautiful is your honesty and transparency."
– Gaby Moreno –

Honesty is essential to building a healthy relationship, as lies and betrayals indicate that something is wrong.

The problem arises if your other half tells you things brutally and likes to hurt you. Do you think that is healthy?

It always reminds you of your mistakes and never mentions your successes

A narcissistic person will never congratulate you when you have done something right. On the other hand, you can be sure that each of your mistakes will be amplified and that criticism will always be fired.

The smallest mistakes will be severely distorted. If the person you love is just reminding you of the bad, you will never be satisfied.

The narcissist does not change

If you recognize your half in a point or two, do not be alarmed. However, if all of these characteristics match him, it is obvious that he is a narcissistic person.

The majority of people have the ability to change if they wish. However, a narcissistic person will never change, because according to her, she is perfect.

If something is wrong and you want to talk to her about it, she will make you understand that you are the problem.

do not expect not that this person changes for you, because it will not do it for anyone …

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