Hypersensitive people

Hypersensitive people

Some people may be more disturbed than others by different stimuli, and therefore have reactions proportional to this discomfort they feel. They have such a faculty, such an internal perception that they are constantly in a state of alert, and this in all circumstances.

If you are hypersensitive yourself, you probably wonder if you should consider this hypersensitivity as a gift or as a curse.

The characteristics of hypersensitive people

Hypersensitive or introverted people are aware that they are more disturbed than others by certain aspects of the environment in which they live, such as the bright lights of traffic lights or the spiral staircases, things to which others do not pay attention.

But what affects them the most is to see that most people around them are superficial, indifferent and senseless men and women.

Hypersensitive people correspond to a specific profile: they are endowed with intuition and show a great empathy. On the other hand, they enjoy loneliness while weaving strong bonds with others. Their social life is marked by their timidity, as well as their extreme ability to perceive beauty.

They have trouble managing stimuli (sound, auditory, olfactory) that others do not perceive such as lights, loud noises, unpleasant odors or disorder.

Change, public speaking, or being observed, are all things that they are sensitive to and that prevent them from thinking properly.What attracts attention in hypersensitive people is their ability to perceive what others are not paying attention to.

In a society that values ​​and encourages harshness, extraversion, restraint of fragile and delicate emotions, hypersensitive people certainly feel misunderstood, underestimated, different, and may even have the feeling of being in an airplane where they travel in third class.

Hypersensitivity: neither a curse, nor a disorder, nor a patology

Hypersensitive people must understand at all costs that being so sensitive is not a gift, a curse, a failure, or a mistake It's a challenge and a gift.

A challenge because hypersensitive people are always more numerous, and they often come together to be understood and valued; and a gift, because they have the privilege of being able to give tenderness and affection or to be understanding with people who need it but who do not realize it.

Thus, each of us can benefit!

Eliminating substances like caffeine or alcohol, avoiding stressful situations, anxiety, rest and sleeping more are just as many ways for a hypersensitive person to take care of his or her nervous system, which usually is quite fast.

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