Hyperconnection, what is it and what are the consequences

Hyperconnection, what is it and what are the consequences

Every day, the sentence of Godfried Boogaard who said that "In the past you were what you had. Now you are what you share"takes more strength." This phrase related to hyperconnection is not the work of a person with little knowledge, on the contrary, it is one of the greatest specialties of social networks.

Millions of users, especially the younger ones, feel an irrepressible desire, an urgent need to be always connected. Social networks attract every day new users.

What is hyperconnection?

There is still no official definition of this term, which is increasingly used by specialists. Nevertheless, according to a study published in the prestigious magazine Psychological Science, the need to be connected to the internet and social networks is more compelling than to smoke a cigarette, drink alcohol or have sex.

The study was conducted by researcher Wilhelm Hofmann with Kathleen Vohs from the University of Minnesota and a team from the University of Chicago School of Business. The results show that the strongest desires of the participants are related to social networks, more than those of food or sleep.

It's obvious that hyperconnection can end up being a problem. Today we are exposed to an infinite number of online stimulations. For this, the fact of being permanently connected becomes a problem when we are no longer able to disconnect. It is calculated that a person addicted to hyperconnection may be able to work 240 hours more per year.

Consequences and risks of hyperconnection

In the news, many people have trouble spending more than an hour without looking at their phone or tablet. According to data, 75% of individuals who own a smartphone use it when they are in the bathroom. This means that we have fewer moments each time these devices are not part of our lives.

New technologies can facilitate many of our tasks, among them communication and access to information, but used to excess, they represent rather important dangers.

Impact of excess information

By being exposed to such an important torrent of information, we may end up experiencing significant stress levels. It can even have functional consequences.

Lack of education in values ​​is also a serious consequence … By being exposed to so much information of which not everything is of quality. For this, the impact on young people and children whose minds are not fully developed can be dangerous.

It is important to bring critical education to children so they know how to identify the dust. On the contrary, they will be exposed to an immensurable amount of waste.

Impact in social relations

Obviously, social relations are also affected. If internet can be fantastic to develop contact with friends and family, it can also be very negative. Indeed, we create and maintain many liquid links so called because they are superficial. These links really create a feeling of emptiness and malaise.

"Internet allows the creation of networks, beyond the sum of individualities".

-Manuel Castells-

Internet caused theIncreased infidelity and misunderstanding within couples. In fact, studies show that the number of separations and marital conflicts has increased.

Impact on self-esteem

Finally, this phenomenon provoked a strong impact on self-esteem. This usually happens in adolescents who are experiencing a natural process of creating and affirming their identity.

However, a teenager's personal relationships have a huge connection to their identity development. For this, the superficial online relationships cause insecurity, a bad self-image and the creation of a little conscious personality.

"You are what you publish on Twitter."

-Alex Tew-

If by observing the social networks you believe that the life of others is more interesting than yours and that it affects you, stop for a moment and think. Are you spending many hours on the internet with the phone or tablet in hand? If so, you may need a smaller hyperconnection. Disconnect, get out and enjoy.

The reflection of our life on social networks

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