How to simplify your present with 3 questions

How to simplify your present with 3 questions

"To enjoy the present moment" is an expression used to excess that we still apply less than we should. Live here and nowinvolves thinking about our existence,whether on a personal or professional level. But few people do it.

We often miss time or are too stressed. This prevents us from enjoying the moment and taking a break to examine ourselves.We forget the basics: ask ourselves how we are doing and how we can benefit more from life. The answers to these questions allow us to evolve and face our personal growth more effectively.

Anthony Robbins, one of the world's most recognized coaches, says "the quality of our lives depends on the quality of the questions we ask ourselves".Reflecting on what we are going through, a way of simplifying the present, and what we want to do in the future will help us to more fully enjoy the present moment.

Enjoying an inner well-being means simplifying our life path by being aware of the proper path:the one who provides us with a rewarding company, allows us to act by being fulfilled and to achieve what we want. For this, we must put into practice the answers to these 3 questions that we will deliver.

” We are born to live,and for that the most important capital that we haveis the time;our passage on this planet is so short that it's a very bad ideanot to take advantage of every step and moment,thanks to a spirit that has no limitsand a heart that can love a lot morethan what we assume. "

-Facundo Cabral-

What are you all doing in the present moment?

It is true that not everyone necessarily strives to achieve a goal or just to feel better. Many people let time flow and lament unconsciously because they are not moving forward.Identify why you are doing so much effort day after day, keeping in mind the goals you want to achieve.

These two aspects are important to simplify the present and take advantage of it. It's not enough to have a purpose for which you're not working or trying hard without knowing why you're doing it. However,the majority of people do not take these two variables into account.If you have ever asked people around you why they follow a routine and are so stressed, it is likely that they have answered the following: it is simply what they must do.

When we ask ourselves why we are making efforts, we can become aware of the stress that is coming on things that we have not yet achieved,relegating to oblivion all that we managed to do. The answer to this question makes you question the belief that you will never be happy until you have everything you think you need. But when you start making efforts to reach your goal, you can see how much your well-being increases almost immediately.

Simplifying the present requires being aware of why we are making efforts in the here and now and where we are heading.

What are your attachments and what can you let go?

Clinging to something or someone, even when it's bad for us, is a habit that human beings follow innately.We are daily plunged into a host of activities and bad habits that we are unable to put aside or forget.

We all know that some toxic people have power over our self-esteem, beliefs and feelings. These bad companies hurt us and, ironically, we are not able to let them go.

Therefore, if you want to start simplifying the present so you can enjoy it more, ask yourself what are the things that are holding you back right now, and let go. When you do that,you will realize that often our problems are perfectly avoidable.

Simplifying the present involves getting rid of everything that distracts you from here and now.

Who do you want to spend more time with?

One of the best-known phrases in the world of personal development is: "We are the average of the five people we meet the most". However, the majority of people have not consciously chosen those with whom they want to share their life. You, on the contrary,have to start asking yourself who are the people you want to have around youto enjoy even more of the present moment.

We invite you to visualize inside the people who bring you the most things. How can you prioritize their company?While this can sometimes be difficult, limit activities that do not bring you anything positive. Take care of these people and find time to see you each week, with no excuses or barriers that prevent these appointments.

Also, consider what other people in your circle can bring you. Remember not to get involved with those who do not want to share their time with youand simplify your life by staying with those who are truly worth it.Put others aside, with respect and love, and be grateful for their passage in your life.

"Living is the rarest thing in the world, most people just exist."

-Oscar Wilde-

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