How to regain morale?

How to regain morale?

There are days when we wake up in a good mood. Where we have more energy to face the everyday. Where we want to laugh and conquer the world. We can think that this happens without reason. Our thoughts and neurotransmitters play a fundamental role.So, how to regain morale when we lose it easily?

Those gray days during which we do not have any energy and just want to isolate or disappear do not happen by chance.Low morale and a sense of unease always have a reason to be. A motive that pushes them to burst into our lives.We must be aware of it to be able to adequately deal with this gray atmosphere that takes hold of us.

To normalize, accept and learn from these sad days is fundamental. All feelings and emotions are important.It is also negative to have a steady morale at half-mast than to fall into an excess of euphoria.

"For a man, laughing at life is more appropriate than lamenting."


Why is it important to have a good mindset?

We must start from the fact that every day can not be perfect. That all emotions are adaptive and that the state of mind fluctuates according to certain parameters. We will arrive at the following conclusion: it is impossible to be always full of energy.However, learning to have morale is fundamental to achieving our goals and to:

  • Persevere to realize our dreams
  • To stay healthy
  • Avoid anxiety, stress or depression
  • Develop our personal relationships
  • Feel happy and strengthen our well-being

Marc Aurèle had already said:"the happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts".Even if, with this assertion, he omitted the neurobiological part, neuroscience proved him right centuries later. Whenever we think, a biochemical reaction occurs in the brain. Some chemicals release themselves and send messages to the rest of the body. When it receives them, a series of physical reactions is put in place to align the state of the body with the original thought.

So, one way to change our mood would be to change our thoughts.However, theory is still much simpler than practice. Indeed, most of our thoughts are controlled by our subconscious. In fact, more often than not, trying to avoid negative thoughts can have the opposite effect: to increase them. Therefore, we should not boycott or feel guilty if we sometimes fall into the trap of these thoughts. Modifying them requires a lot of training.

"I do not think of all the misfortunes, but all the beauty that is still there."

-Anne Frank-

How to regain morale?

To put in place certain habits that would help us to regain morale,we must first make sure we are ready. And know if it is good to give up this state of mind.Once we have analyzed the situation, we will be able to follow the following points:

  • Increase our activity level.Exercising, playing a sport or signing up for an activity that interests us increases our well-being.
  • Go for a walk.Some research suggests that walking stimulates areas of the brain that improve mood.
  • Resume contact with friends.Having close ties to other people is one of the keys to happiness.
  • Listen to music.The music is able to arouse emotions like joy, motivation and good mood.
  • Free us from certain tasks.Classifying the tasks to be done and undoing the less important ones will help us to have a better morale.
  • We organize on short periods of time.Good planning is essential so that we can focus on the most important tasks and take a few moments of rest.

Otherwise,the technique of cognitive restructuring used in cognitive-behavioral therapies is a good strategy for changing the interpretation of our beliefsthrough questions. By questioning what we think, we can change our patterns. Therefore, we can regain morale. For this, it is recommended to consult a specialized professional.

"The great discovery of my generation is that human beings can change their lives by changing their mental attitude."

-William James-

Do you know how to turn negative thinking into positive thinking?

Here are some ways to get rid of the negative thoughts that occupy our mind by replacing them with positive thoughts. Learn more
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