How to reconnect with desire in a couple?

How to reconnect with desire in a couple?

With the passage of years, it is usual to note an evaporation or a disappearance of desire that existed before in the couple. The routine, the lack of time, the habit and the daily problems are factors that can have an influence on the extinction of this flame. In fact, it happens much more often than we think. Luckily, there are several ways to reconnect with desire in the couple.

Some studies confirm that the level of desire tends to fluctuate over time. Divergence in sexual desire is an inevitable feature of sexual intercourse. However, it is possible to regain desire by adopting a change of perspective on the part of both partners. For this, we offer you some tips to reconnect with the desire in the couple.

1. Demonstrate your affection with more frequency

To find desire, kisses and caresses are fundamental. Simply being more physically present and showing your affection for a long time can help to increase feelings of connection.

At the beginning of relations, couples usually enjoy passionate sex, caresses and all types of affectionate gestures. But over time, it is possible that these gestures are less common in terms of both frequency and intensity. For this, re-adopting this type of exchange and interaction is essential for the emotional and sexual health of the couple.

Kisses, cuddles and caresses are a way of expressing feelings of attraction and desire to seduce. In addition, flirting can revive the relationship and increase the attraction felt by the partners.

2. Schedule appointments

During the first few months of the relationship, you are likely to make the effort to schedule many appointments in enchanting and romantic places. These reunions were perfect moments to disconnect and focus all the attention on the loved one.

However, with the passage of years, the couple acquires responsibilities, especially if he has children. Therefore, breaking the monotony and preparing special programs such as a night of romance and diversion can end up being difficult.

Nevertheless, although it is difficult to find time to be together, it is necessary to schedule frequent dating appointments in order to preserve the relationship. The concrete activity that we do not matter: what is fundamental is to demonstrate to the other the importance it has in your eyes and vice versa.

"You can forget the one you laughed with but not the one you cried with."

Gibran Kahlil Gibran

3. Take care of your physical and emotional health

When you do not feel good about yourself from a physical and emotional point of view, it is very likely that your daily sexuality is affected. For that, it is important to take care of yourself and your well-being. In this way, you will feel comfortable in intimacy.

So, to be able to agree with yourself, it is important to have a healthy diet and exercise, but above all to take care of your child. esteem personal and learn to manage your emotions.

To know oneself and to take care of oneself is the key to persist the flame of the love and of course to maintain the passion. Also, be aware that if the physical attraction between the members of the couple is still present over the years, it is much easier to maintain the desire in the relationship. Studies confirm that physical appearance is essential to feeling sexual attraction to a person. Thus, improving your physical health will also have a very positive impact on your emotional state.

4. Surprise your partner

We all like to receive surprises. However, when you are engaged in a long-term relationship, it is very easy to forget the little details that appeal to your partner and that were so common at the beginning of the relationship.

There are hundreds of ways to surprise your partner. You do not have to give him a big gift or something very special: it is only important to show your affection unexpectedly. It is about incorporating small gestures that prove that you are paying attention to each other and that you are someone special for the other.

5. Use a marriage counselor

The most recent statistics published in our country show that more than half of women and 20% of men admit to being unhappy with their sex lives. In fact, there are many who recognize that they need changes in their relationship but are not able to find the keys to doing so.In these cases, it may be worthwhile to seek the assistance of a specialized professional.

Like any therapist, it will bring you the necessary strategies to reconnect with the desire in your couple.

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