How to react to a gossip or a rumor?

How to react to a gossip or a rumor?

Certainly many times, someone came to report a rumor about common knowledge.
Also ask yourself, how many times did you tell someone about someone else to a friend or family member? Probably an incalculable number of times.
But what differentiates these behaviors is the intention behind the words.
What can you do when you hear a rumor? How to react to gossip or criticism?
Critics, rumors and gossip are common elements of our daily lives. So frequent, that it is sometimes not easy to realize that we are actively participating in propagating them.
Many proverbs bear on this theme:
– "The rumors are created by jealous, raw by curious, and repeated by idiots"
– "Let a dog bark, and the pack follow him"
– The word is so light for him who throws it, that it is heavy for him who receives it. "
It is impossible to deny that critics, rumors, and gossip are a group of very destructive behaviors, but often very often of interest to people.
And they will all suffer from distortions over time, as the phenomenon of the "Arab telephone" occurs, sometimes leading to unthinkable consequences.

What can we deal with these situations?

To explain the ideal way to deal with these situations, we must remember the dialogue of Socrates, called "The triple filter" :

"An acquaintance approaches Socrates, and wants to tell him something about one of his friends, but before listening to him, Socrates gives him a little examination, that of the triple filter." Socrates decides to formulate questions to Socrates. this person on what she wants to tell him about his friend, thanks to the help of 3 filters: the filter of truth, the filter of goodness and the filter of utility.

To do this, he asks him three separate questions in relation to each of the filters :

– Are you sure that what you are going to tell me is true? (filter of truth)
– Do you want to tell me something good about my disciple? (filter of goodness)
– Will what you tell me be useful? (utility filter).

After the acquaintance admitted that she was not certain of the truth of her words, that they were neither good nor useful, Socrates concluded: "What is the good of telling it? ".

In summary, applying this filter is a very useful strategy to avoid spreading rumors, gossip or criticism. And this, not only to those who report to us, but also to ourselves when we are going to say something about someone else.

Apply it now!"Habit is the most demanding master" (Pliny the Younger)

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