How to overcome insecurity?

How to overcome insecurity?

Although the feeling of insecurity may be due to several factors, lack of self-confidence remains one of the main causes. Indeed, an anxious person permanently fears rejection and disapproval of others.

These people also tend to move away from their loved ones and become lonely, until they ruin all their relationships, source of many other problems.

Signs of insecurity

People with a feeling of insecurity have the following signs:

– They are selfish people, who need compliments and attention and who favor the material side to feel protected. However, they are both very tolerant and seek the approval of others to feel reassured.

They tend to be defensive and do not accept criticism because they live it as an attack. For this reason, it is difficult to hold a constructive conversation with these people.

– These people do not like silence and fill it with unjustified jokes as they try to avoid having to confront their thoughts. Indeed, these people do not have a very positive vision of themselves.

– They are also very funny and try to make others laugh constantly. They can also be rather insensitive and come to make fun of others and themselves, just to get attention.

– They constantly put themselves forward and talk a lot about them because they need the approval of others. They do not listen to others because they think only of their own problems.

– They are very competitive people, who can not stand defeat and who are not impressed by authoritarian people. But they are also quite authoritarian and compensate for their lack of confidence by deferring their frustrations to others, especially the influenceable people: the "easy targets".

As a couple, these people are jealous and excessive because they lack trust in their couple, which generates mistrust and permanent altercations with members of the opposite sex.

How to overcome this feeling of insecurity?

To overcome insecurity, consider the following tips:

Think positive

Focus on positive thoughts as this will help you overcome your fears and anxiety. Be critical of yourself as you are to others.

Overcoming weaknesses

Keep in mind that it is impossible to achieve perfection. Try to discover your weaknesses and correct them. Think about your strengths and develop strategies to turn those weaknesses into strength.

Avoid comparisons

Do not compare yourself to others because it is useless to be jealous. Be proud of what you are …

Express your ideas

Tell your friends or family about your negative feelings, do not stifle your feelings. Talk honestly about your insecurities with people who care about you.

Entertain yourself

Instead of rehashing your fears, relax and be entertained to soothe yourself. From time to time, make sure to get away from these fears.

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