How to manage to control your dreams?

How to manage to control your dreams?

Being able to control our dreams, to be aware that we are dreaming and to decide the turn that our dreams take, seems to be something unreal in the eyes of those who have always considered dreams simply for what they are: dreams.

However, many people are aware of having made a lucid dream, that is to say having dreamed while being aware that they were dreaming, that what they saw and did in their dream was not real.

But, most often, once you realize that you are dreaming, you wake up instantly.

Can we control our dreams and train to be able to get there?

If we are aware of the fact that we are dreaming, then we can do a lot of things: to practice practicing a discipline or to make a movement, to make a car appear, to fly …

The first thing most people think about lucid dreams is to have sex. One can make sure to find yourself in a dream with a person with the ideal physique, and sleep with her.

But often, the excitement that provokes this dream is so great that it wakes us up.

How to manage to control your dreams?

The first thing to do is toto repeat to oneself, before going to bed, that the next day one will remember what one has dreamed of during the night.

Then you have to write the dream. Even if one is half asleep, it is when one wakes up that one has to write it, to make sure that it will not disappear from our memory forever. It is recommended to have a notebook and a pen on his bedside table.

After repeating this exercise and becoming aware that we are making lucid dreams, we come to to doubt the dreamlike nature of dreams.

We must dream that we pinch, and if it does not hurt, then we will know that we are dreaming. Another technique is to focus on the objects present in the dream. If the edges are only fuzzy lines, then you are in a dream.

These two methods, and more particularly the second, are the most effective. From there, we are then able to control our dreams, and therefore to do what we like: fly, drive, run, etc.

We are aware that our actions are not real and that they will have no social repercussions.

Getting to dominate your dreams takes time but it is possible. At first, one wakes up shortly after having a lucid dream, but with the time and the practice, one ends up succeeding to dominate them.

Once we succeed, a vast field of possibilities opens up to us.

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