How to make the right decisions?

How to make the right decisions?

Every minute of our life is defined by the decisions we make consciously or unconsciously. These can change our journey, our relationships or even our entire life. Even when we do not choose, we make a decision.

Unfortunately, there is no manual that would advise us on the right answers to give. So, how to make the right decisions?

Learn to make decisions

Making the right decisions is the result of one of the most important and complex learnings of every human being.

And this is because every time we have to make a choice we know that the consequences can greatly affect our future, even if we think at the moment that it is an innocuous decision .

For this reason it is essential to adopt a methodology to make decisions quickly and efficiently.

The future is the product of small decisions

We tend to think that our life is defined by the big decisions we make. For example, we think that if we marry the person who seems to be the love of our life, we will be happy.

However, it can be that this person is violent and you have not seen anything. Everything is all rosy until the day your half wants to show his superiority. This moment can define the rest of your relationship and even the rest of your life.

You can choose to keep a low profile and accept a relationship where there is violence, or tell him that this behavior is unacceptable.

As you can see, you have to put aside your feelings, move away from preconceived ideas and choose the way you want to continue.

Once you begin to eliminate the elements that prevent you from making a decision, you will be more free to choose.

Make decisions little by little

Every day we make decisions that obviously do not need methodology. For example, shopping at the supermarket. However, for more complex decisions, here are some steps to follow:

– Think about the decision you need to make.

Establish the two most important options available to you. Generally it is either a "yes" or a "no" and each of them is full of multiple possibilities.

Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each option. What happens if you do it? And if you do not do it? Remember not to be overwhelmed by fear or extravagant illusions.

– Identify the advantages and disadvantages that you are willing to accept. What are the risks that you would be able to tolerate and the benefits that are most beneficial to you?

– Act accordingly. Now that you know what you can accept or not and that you have found the most positive solution, it's time to get started and make the right decision.

Assume decisions

These steps are just a suggestion of style, and you are free to follow these tips as you wish. If one day you realize that you made a bad decision, do not feel guilty, but assume it.

Remember that no decision is ever completely perfect and there is no way to predict its exact consequences.

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